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Chatting with Ryan Riback, Maggie Szabo on new remix (Interview)

Credit: Maggie Szabo

Australia-based veteran producer Ryan Riback just released a new remix for now Los Angeles-based Maggie Szabo.

I Don’t Need You is a fun summer anthem full of energy and bright moments when faced with a surplus of uncertainty. Out Friday, July 10, the DMNW team had an exclusive listen to this track and caught up with the two artists. Read our full interview with Maggie and Ryan below, and be sure to listen to I Don’t Need You – Ryan Riback remix.

DMNW: First off, how are you both doing? Maggie, you’re in LA and Ryan, I saw you’re down in Australia. How have things been going there for you?

RR (Ryan Riback): Yeah still down under! Things have been relatively okay here compared to the rest of the world, but we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

MS (Maggie Szabo): Of course with COVID-19, as everywhere else in the world, it’s been an unprecedented time. And over the last few weeks, LA has been heavily involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. There have been so many protests in my neighborhood (West Hollywood) which has truly been eye opening. It’s very inspiring to see thousands of people fighting for change.

DMNW: Maggie, let’s talk about your new single! Can you share anything about how I Don’t Need You came to be?

MS: I wanted to write an anthem about independence. I’ve been in different kinds of relationships (I think many of us have) where you’ve been with someone for so long that you get comfortable, and even though it’s not the best situation, the thought of leaving is terrifying. This song is about letting go of the past, finding your true self and embracing change and freedom.

DMNW: To me this remix echoes that, and feels like a great anthem for summer— super upbeat and full of good energy. Was there a kind of feeling you wanted to come across?

RR: You hit the nail on the head! Uplifting vibes with good energy is what I try to bring to every remix!

DMNW: What about Maggie’s single made you decide to remix it?

RR: I heard the original vocal, and it was great from the start, so it was an easy decision for me!

DMNW: So Maggie, have you heard Ryan’s remix yet, and have the two of you ever met?

MS: Yes! I’ve heard the remix and I’m so excited to share his take on the song. Since he’s in Australia this collaboration was all done virtually. We’ve never met before, but I’ve been a fan of his for some time now— and it’s an honor that now he’s remixing one of my own songs.

DMNW: Is there anything else fans can look forward to from the both of you? 

MS: I have some amazing material slated to release this year as well as some super fun music videos. I can’t wait to share!

RR: I have a few unreleased remixes about to drop, so look out for those. Plus I have an original single lined up too in the next month or so… pretty excited about that one!

I Don’t Need You (Ryan Riback remix) is out now!

Be sure to keep an ear out for some of the new releases from both Maggie Szabo and Ryan Riback on the way. In the meantime, listen to I Don’t Need You (Ryan Riback remix) out now.

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