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Datsik Sucked Portland Into His Vortex At The Roseland (Event Review)

Datsik Roseland Portland
Friday night brought in bass lovers everywhere as Datsik made his triumphant return to Portland at the Roseland. This time with his incredible giant lumen vortex and one crazy loud sound system.

Another start to the weekend in Portland and another huge line wrapped around the corner of the Roseland Theater. With Datsik in town of course we knew the show would be sold out and all of our bass booty shakers would be there in full force. We could already hear the music outside from local support DVNGER and there were even a few people dancing outside!

We could certainly tell the energy was high and folks were eager to get the night started. Once inside the venue, smiles were upon everyone’s faces as we rushed up the staircase and onto the dance floor. As we headed towards the crowd, MUST DIE took the stage by storm. It only seemed like yesterday he was releasing tons of free music via SoundCloud gaining him popularity quickly. Fast forward a couple years and he’s opening for some of the best names in the business!

Hands were in the air and we were mashed among the masses dancing our asses off. As the night kept going, Heroes x Villains kept the party flowing with a crazy mash up of Get Low/Express Yourself which was blowing everyone’s mind.

roes and villains roseland

Heroes & Villains getting down with the crowd

The hard pumping music continued and all of a sudden it was time. As we looked towards the stage, Datsik’s “vortex lumen” emerged and everyone was in sheer awe. Never have we seen such a cool feature grace the Roseland stage as of late. At that point everyone was cheering and we knew for the next hour and a half it was time to rage. The bass was something unheard of, much like your hearing after the show.  At one point, we looked down into a cup of water and it was visibly shaking due to the mini earthquake inside the historical Roseland. It seemed as though the bass was literally tearing off the roof, and there was definitely potential for that this night. Thankfully this only happened in the figurative sense.

Datsik Portland Roseland

Datsik’s incredible vortex set

Datsik laid down his signature dubstep which had everyone going out of their minds.  The crowd’s energy was incredible throughout the night even up in to the balcony area.  Troy Beetles (Datsik) mixed it up with some hip hop and trap especially towards the end of the night.  Also, some of the biggest hits of the night were his old-school song mash ups such as the Tequila Song by the Champs.  It was a nice change up throughout the evening and added a different element of fun to it as well.  Overall, this was an incredible high-energy night that won’t soon be forgotten!

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