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Portland DJ Gangsigns changes name to Ballads, drops steamy new album

Portland DJ Gangsigns Ballads
Photo: Ballads/Twitter

Nick Sisouphanh is a popular Portland DJ, and producer, that just underwent a major rebranding as an artist. After touring all over the Pacific Northwest, playing festivals, and opening for well-known dance music artists under the name Gangsigns, Sisouphanh says it’s time to switch it up. As of now, Gangsigns is known as Ballads, and electronic ballads are definitely what his latest album Redefined is dishing out.

The majority of Redefined plays on Sisouphanh’s go-to jersey club musical style. For those that aren’t familiar, jersey club is a genre that plays heavy on bouncy, high-tempo breakbeats and hip-hop samples. Sisouphanh’s take on jersey club music with Redefined is also imbued with atmospheric synths and emotionally-charged vocals. And most of the vocals come from Sisouphanh himself.

There’s a balanced combination of dance-worthy tracks and chilled out baby-making music on Redefined. Fans of Cashmere Cat’s Wedding Bells EP or Trippy Turtle’s song Trippy’s Theme will definitely find something on this album. Listen to Redefined by Ballads below!

Mental health awareness

Toward the end of 2019, Sisouphanh began opening up over social media. It turns out that a recent breakup, and ensuing mental health issues, played a part in his newest album and name change. In a description of Redefined, Sisouphanh writes:

‘redefined’ – an album about mental health and heartbreak. a big breakup album and how being vulnerable redefined who i am as a person. a showcase of the evolution from GANGSIGNS to BALLADS.

He goes on to discuss the importance of vulnerability and mental health awareness, while also detailing his plans to donate the first month’s proceeds from the album to a suicide prevention organization called To Write Love on Her Arms. It takes tons of bravery to be this vulnerable, especially over social media. We’re glad that Nick Sisouphanh is back on his feet and creating new music!

What did you think of Redefined by Ballads? Let us know by commenting on Facebook or Twitter!

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