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Photo: Jacob Tyler Dunn


Bringing in 2020 with Decadence Arizona (review)

Many travel their way to Arizona every year to celebrate the New Year. This year, we decided to check out the hype for ourselves and attended Decadence Arizona. Relentless Beats is the event company based out of Arizona that throws massive festivals and shows in the area. Known for Decadence, Gold Rush, Crush and many more, Relentless Beats is no stranger in the EDM scene. If you are deciding whether to attend the NYE festival next year, see below for our full review of this year’s event!

Entry and Exit

Lines on lines on lines for day 1 of Decadence. When you first arrive at the festival, you have to wait in the ID check line, to receive 21+ wristbands, the first line took around 10-20 minutes to go through. After that line, you have to go through the security line which took about 45 minutes to an hour. The security line was moving like a snail, even in the VIP lane. There was no express lane for people with no bags, maybe next year? After the security line, you are in yet another line to get your tickets scanned. A lot of waiting around on day 1. However, on day 2, the lines were almost nonexistent which was wonderful.

If you are getting an Uber or Lyft for after the festival, make sure you are leaving at least an hour before the festival is over. If you are leaving any later than that, there will be thousands of people stranded in the pick-up lot looking for rides. If you get impatient, catch a Taxi that is already there on-site!

Music and Production

The range of artists performing at Decadence was diverse. Some of our favorite acts this year include Illenium, Griztronics, Skrillex, and Dab the Sky. Joyrde did the New Year countdown this year, no music playing in the back but a racecar visual driving to the finish line. It somehow worked; being in the room filled with energy was all everyone needed. The stages are in huge tents right next to each other, making getting from stage to stage really easy. With the stages being so close together, we were surprised that there were not too many sound bleeds between stages. The visuals and lasers were blinding for all of the stages (which is great). Though there were a couple of broken LED panels on the main stage, there was nothing too noticeable. One thing that did stand out was the sound system. It was loud enough for the back of the crowd but not so loud that you will lose your hearing on the rail. We are very excited to see the lineup for next year and the growing of the production for Decadence Arizona.

Photo: Jacob Tyler Dunn


There was a lot going on at this festival, never a dull moment. There was an area at the festival called The Playhouse. In that area, there was a stage, food and many photo opportunities for everyone. It was the perfect area if you want some music with a chill vibe but need a break from the main stages. The VIP area had a separate bar area, nothing for activities wise. This is not a festival where you can find carnival rides if that is the scale you are looking for. If you are wanting a Kandi making tent and some trippy lights for exploration, this is a great place.


It was a good festival for New Year’s Eve. The lineup was diverse so this is a great festival to bring a huge squad; there will be something for everyone! For this festival, just make sure to have a designated driver or plan to leave early to avoid traffic. If you have not been to a festival in Arizona before, this is a great one to check out. If you have the extra cash, get VIP passes, it will make your experience more enjoyable!

Photo: Jacob Tyler Dunn

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!