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Dream Journal: “Life is bittersweet and music is a reflection of that experience.”

We recently had the opportunity to talk to Dream Journal, a local DJ from Seattle that opened our eyes to some new ideas, and  let us in on new music and projects. Electronic dance music keeps growing, with genre after genre, and subgenre after subgenre, the explanation of EDM is becoming larger. Some people may see it as EDM growing with new sounds and ideas, but others may see it as everyone trying to fit in a box. People have a tendency to want to belong to something, so if there is not a genre they fit in, a genre can be created. On the topic, Dream Journal says, “I guess what I hope for the EDM scene is for everyone to stop putting themselves in boxes and just makes music that feels right.”

Maybe if that happens people will become more confident with creating whatever they want (their art), and stop trying to fit into a certain mold. With people creating what they truly want, maybe Dream Journal’s hopes for “More emotion. More surprises. More risks. Fewer formulas” will happen.

Artists have a certain intention with their art. If it is to express something, to reach people, to learn, or explore, their is a reason for creating. So, what does Dream Journal hope for when it comes to his music, when it comes to his listeners?

“My hope for my music is that it makes people feel something. I strive to infuse my music with emotion because, to me, that’s what it’s all about. Life is bittersweet and music is a reflection of that experience.”

There is a lot of hate in the world, but music can be a thing that brings people together. We need more people standing up for what is right, and bringing positivity into the world. Before we can battle the world, we can focus on our local love and support. Dream Journal hopes he can be a voice for love.

“I hope I can be a voice for love and unity. We are all in this together so we should all help each other progress creatively. The PNW electronic scene is on the cusp of being something really special and I hope I can do my part to add to that and help other artists add to that as much as possible.”

Dream Journal has done quite a bit so far in his career. He opened up for artists such as Manatee Commune and Purity Ring. Dream Journal has also been part of Justin Hartinger’s projects. He was part of Coda, and stayed on as it has made some changes.

“Coda is now officially solely a night at Q Nightclub. The record label aspect of it has gone through a re-brand and is now known as ***Big Slide Records***, so, look out for that. Being a part of this movement has been a fantastic experience. The mastermind behind it, Justin Hartinger, is a close friend of mine and I have 100% faith in what he is building. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Dream Journal just recently put out a new remix I Walked Off On You, and it is perfect for summer. A male vocalist gets you moving, and imagining yourself on the beach with a drink in your hand. With future base sounds, it is a celebration of summer. Maybe with this new release, summer will actually make an entrance. Check it out and let us know what you think.

For the future, Dream Journal hopes to put out some songs this summer, and possibly an EP. His remix of Justin Hartinger’s track Together will be out soon, so stay tuned for that. Also make sure to check out his collaborations that he is working on with some different vocalists. Make sure to keep up on Dream Journal by following his Facebook, Instagram and be sure to check out his Soundcloud.

What do you think of the growth of genres in the electronic music scene, and does it limit us too much? Share your responses and thoughts on Dream Journal’s new release in the comments!

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