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Erica Opsvig and Sean Fischer -- Photo credit: @Lucky_m_e


A conversation with Erica Opsvig & Sean Fischer, up-and-coming creators of Seattle’s Duck Brunch and Plamphaus

Erica Opsvig and Sean Fischer are a couple taking the Seattle dance music community by storm using….rubber duckies, Bloody Marys, and live streams at your favorite local clubs. We learned about this dynamic duo when we noticed Instagram promotions for an event called “Duck Brunch” and a live streaming production studio called “PlampHaus“.

Born and raised in Seattle, Erica has been involved with Seattle dance music for over 10 years, including a long-standing position as a promoter for the venerable Noise Complaint. For Sean, what started as a quarantine project has turned into a popular option for live streaming amongst local event production groups and independent artists.

We sat down with Erica and Sean to learn more about the stories and inspiration behind their up-and-coming projects within the Seattle dance music community.

DNMW: We have been seeing Duck Brunch all over the place on social media – tell us more about the story behind this and the Duck Brunch experience.

Erica: My friend in San Francisco thought it would be funny to hide rubber ducks around the office to see if people would notice. They started doing this around their house as well. One day, they brought the ducks to a Dom Dolla brunch party and they started putting them in their drinks. Dom Dolla started putting the ducks on top of his head! The same group started passing them out at festivals as a way to be fun, light hearted, and to make people feel special. San Francisco is known for their brunch parties, and I was inspired to bring this piece of San Francisco culture to Seattle. I started hosting small get togethers and called them duck brunches. This is how the idea of Duck Brunch was born. Since then, we have hosted five Duck Brunches! It is a great for us to bring friends together who we may not normally see as often. Our mission statement is “create unique events by combining the best of brunch with the best of partying”. It is all about celebrating yourself and your peculiarities.

DNMW: What type of music is at Duck Brunch?

Erica: The majority of the music is house music. We want the DJs to shine and play what they want to play.  Vibes will range from electro to deep house to techno. Everyone has their own unique spin.


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DNMW: Sean, tell me more about the Plamphaus project.

Sean: During the pandemic, I was noticing chargebacks for tickets and was looking for a solution for what to do without live shows to attend. I have a background in gaming so I was familiar with using Twitch.  I was already involved in helping with live productions for the group Electroluxx in SF, and during the pandemic, I helped them with live streaming their events. I started doing similar work in Seattle. I even met Erica at a production I was working at Monkey Loft.

DNMW: What are some projects you have with Plamphaus and Duck Brunch?

Sean: I am focused on producing shows and live streaming. I am working with local production companies Shameless Seattle and Uniting Souls. The entire Deck’d Out by Shameless series was live streamed by Plamphaus all summer. Duck Brunch was also invited to be a part of this series — calling it “Duck’d Out.”  I will be live streaming the next Duck Brunch Halloween event.  I am also starting a pilot program where I am offering media packages to DJs and producers who are looking for a way to feature their mixes beyond posting on Soundcloud.


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Erica: We plan to run monthly Duck Brunch pop-ups in Seattle!  We would love for the event to take off in other areas since the duck crew has expanded to Chicago, Austin, and LA.

DNMW: What kind of dance music are you super into right now?

Erica: I am really into Boris Brejcha – we recently saw him at the Sonus Festival in Croatia!  We love the uplifting melodic house, techno, and tech house. I actually happen to have a rare, custom-signed Boris Brejcha rubber duck!

Sean: I am also a fan of Boris Brejcha.  Before meeting Erica I was into nu-disco. I was very excited to see Purple Disco Machine at the Daytrip Festival. I love all house music and love that I live in one of the very best cities for house music right now.

DNMW: Erica, one of your other side projects is the Bloody Good Brunch Club — Please tell us more about your favorite bloody mary.

Erica: I love a classic Bloody Mary. I am also a sucker for Bloody Ceasars which contains Clamato juice.  Really all you need for a great Bloody Mary is tomato juice, Demitri’s seasoning, and some vodka, preferably Titos!

Erica and Sean have energy that keeps going and going. We are excited to check out the “duckoration station” at the next Duck Brunch: “The Blair Duck Project” on 10/29. Click here to purchase tickets. Additional information from the event site below:

Pop-up Halloween brunch party that will take place in Eastlake, Seattle on October 29 from 12-7 pm.

? We’re so excited to be partnering with Train Car House Party for this event, which has been one of our favorite long-standing and legendary house music parties in Seattle.

? Come duck’d out in your best costume and join us for some yummy food and drinks that will be available to order. ? Make sure that costume has some duckin’ give because you’ll be dancing all day long ?

? There will be the famous “Duckoration Station” where you can decorate your own duck to take home (or bring along on your nightly adventures).

? Duck Brunch is a safe space. Please respect the venue and each other. No need to ruffle feathers.


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Can’t attend in-person?  It will be live streamed as always by Plamphaus so you can still join in on the vibes from home. We are looking forward to seeing more of what this inspiring couple has to contribute to keeping Seattle dance music culture fun and on its toes!



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I have been a musician since the age of 4. My musical taste ranges from the world of classical music which I was trained in to electronic dance music to Billy Joel. I love learning about the history and purpose behind the music that was created. I look forward to sharing what I learn about dance music in the northwest with you!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!