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Dyro is Calling the Shots [Exclusive Interview]

The Dutch Electro King (aka Dyro) recently came through Foundation Nightclub to blow the roof off the place. We were lucky enough to sit down with him before his set to talk about all things WOLV, his changing sound, and his latest EP release. In just 23 years, Dyro has found a level of fame and success that many of us will only dream of. Once a bedroom producer, now a guy with a tour schedule so stacked the only thing he knows about the next day is that they have an In-N-Out there. Since his DJ Mag Top 100 debut at #30 he has continued to create music and entice his fans in a way that’s only helped him climb the ranks, and he’s nowhere near his peak yet.

WOLV Records

You may never guess it, but in addition to being a production master of catchy dance beats, Dyro holds a degree in Industrial Design. Two very helpful things came from his years in college: He learned graphic design and applied that to his label, and he met a friend in school who now helps run WOLV Records. The label just had its one year anniversary this last August, and since its inception has signed some fresh talent that you should keep your eye on.

The most recent release from WOLV records comes from Bloqshot, aka Arjan Terpstra, formerly of Noisecontrollers. From someone who just left the hardstyle game, you may not expect something as trappy as Redshift. But expected or not, that’s what we got. He also has another track called Photon that’s more of a dubstep track, so it’s hard to tell what direction he’ll end up going in. It sounds like Dyro is cool with letting him explore though saying, “It’s really dope what he’s doing, I really like it.”

WOLV is also home to of course Dyro, as well as Loopers, Goja from Italy, and more. To Dyro, his label is “a chance to give back.” Way back when, Hardwell gave Dyro a chance and signed him to Revealed Recordings before taking him on multiple tours with Dannic. This label is his chance to help give exposure to new artists, and “to show people that there’s more music around than just hit EDM.” As Dyro discovers and fosters new talent, we imagine that he must give the same advice that he was given: “Be real, stay original, don’t get cocky. It’s an obvious answer, but it is the answer.”

Sticking To Your Guns

Like many artists, despite finding success down one particular avenue of EDM, Dyro is trying to expand his horizons and try out some new sounds. He’s been changing up his BPMs and adding in more trap sounds into his set, while still playing a healthy amount of electro. On February 22 his new EP Set Me Free gets released, and we’ll get our first official taste of the evolving Dyro sound. “On the EP there’s two songs that people will expect from me, and two songs that they totally won’t,” he tells us. It’s nice to see him changing as an artist without completely abandoning his previous work.

On fan reactions to his new sound: “You lose some you gain some. I got into the scene with the Hardwell fans, and what I’m doing right now isn’t what the Hardwell fans might want … It’s a transition, but it’s okay. I chose to do it, and it might be a step back at some point, but it’s for the better because it makes me way more happy.”

We can’t wait to hear Set Me Free upon its release so that we can see just how much he’s changing. We’re glad that he’s staying true to himself as he grows as an artist. Luckily, when you’re the head of your own label you get to make a lot of decisions about your own music, and this year is a prime example. “How I want to do 2016 is to do all EPs,” and that gives him full freedom to sound as classic or new as he pleases.

What’s Next for Dyro

The year has only just begun and Dyro is plenty busy with performances, his WOLV Radio show, and running his own label. With all the changes in his sound and the multi-faceted nature of his professional life, we’re growing more and more excited to see what he does next as an artist and label head. Be sure to get your hands on Set Me Free on February 22, and stay tuned to see where the rising star goes from here.


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Hailing from the golden hills of California, Tina lives for sunny days in Seattle. With an expansive taste and hunger for both food and music, she loves all things from Celine Dion to Slipknot (and of course EDM).

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!