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EDC Las Vegas 2018: A New Year Brings Plenty of Changes (DMNW Review)

EDC Las Vegas had a major makeover this year with the new dates (moving the festival up a month early) to new shuttle services to adding a camping option. Now with the festival behind us and using the next 365 days to recover for EDC Las Vegas 2019, let’s take a look at a recap with our DMNW team this year.

Did EDC’s brand new camping option work?

EDC Las Vegas added a camping option for headliners this year with the cooler weather. The camp grounds offered many festivities before the actual festival and musical performances throughout the weekend. Even though we did not get the chance to stay at camp EDC this year (we wanted to check out the new shuttle system, read below), we heard nothing but good things from campers. One of the biggest struggles with headliners is getting to and from the venue, with camp EDC, headliners were waking up onsite at the festival, saving time and energy.

Moving on to hotels, as always we booked early, which paid off. The minute you decide you are going to EDC, book the hotel, since prices will go nowhere but up. For less crowded options, you can get an Air BnB or get a hotel off the strip, like the Rio or Golden Nugget, and there are lots of good options.

Photo: Skyler Greene

The shuttles saw massive improvements across the board

The most important and biggest change that we noticed was the new shuttle service. Last year, the shuttle situation was absolutely horrible. Waiting for hours and hours and hours and hours in line after a whole day of dancing was absolutely brutal.

After last year we did not recommend the shuttles at all. However, Insomniac announced a while back that there was a brand new shuttle service for headliners this year. We were skeptical at first but they lived up to their word. The shuttle this year was smooth sailing.

For day 1, there was a small wait (still 100 times better than last year), and for day 2 and 3 the wait for the shuttles were less than 30 minutes. On day 2 when our team was leaving the festival, there were no lines and we went straight on the shuttle and back to the hotel (Rio). So, we will say, great job Insomniac, the shuttle improvement changed lives!

Entry was a quick as ever

With shuttle pre-checks, there were almost to no lines at the entrance. At the main entrance, there was a bit of line since there were no pre-check for security. Nothing too major that would make you miss your favorite set of the night. We got to the venue an hour or more earlier especially on the first day to avoid missing sets.

Festival Setup

Walking into EDC lights up everyone’s face, whether you are an EDC veteran or a first-timer. The festival is scattered around the racetrack, with stages on the outer rim and festivities and rides towards the inside. This year, there seemed to be more street performers walking around to glam up the festival.

Everywhere you went, you could find lights, food, drinks, merch. The art cars stepped it up this year with so many special guests. The Corona Beach stage also threw down on some great sets with Brownies and Lemonade.

Photo: The Holy Mountain

Stage Setup

The stage design changes year-to-year, which makes the festival feel brand every time. Basspod and Wasteland switched spots this year, and some loved the change, some didn’t. We personally felt like the change made Basspod seem smaller, but it might be because there are more headbangers being born every year.

Kinetic Field, Cosmic Meadow, and Circuit Ground amaze us every year; the size of the stage and the fireworks during each set makes it magical. The most noticeable change for these stages was the added VIP dancing areas. Kinetic Field always has an over the top VIP area (ball pit, Kandi making station, arcade games and more) with an added pool this year. Circuit Grounds extended the VIP area pretty massively for more room to dance. Great changes for the ones who are willing to pay a little extra.

Photo: The Holy Mountain


Without the music, there is no EDC. The lineup like every year had a treat for every genre of dance music. This year the most crowded performance was Sunday at Post Malone. From special guests such as Wiz Khalifa, Kenny G, to even Bhad Bhabie, you never know what to expect from an EDC performance.

Many artists took the time out of their sets to pay tribute to dance music legend Avicii. Tiesto went over the top and played 10 minutes of Avicii originals and the crowd was in awe. From premiering new music and playing OG bangers, the music is the best part of the festival at the end of the day.

Photo: The Holy Mountain

Overall impressions

Having new changes to a festival can make people skeptical, but Insomniac knocked it out of the park for EDC. Every change, from shuttles to camping to the date changes, all worked out and made EDC Las Vegas 2018 the best year yet. As always, we suggest every dance music lover to experience EDC at least once in their lives, and with the new changes, we encourage this even more. Except for the bad reception (even with the attempts at EDC-oriented apps), we have nothing but good things to say about our time under the electric sky.

What did you think about the new changes this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!