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Feed Me and Kill The Noise Tell Us A Story With Newest Collab “Far Away”

One of dance music’s best bromances is back in action, as superstar producers Feed Me and Kill the Noise have collaborated on their freshly released track Far Away. The two have wowed us in the past with their tracks Muscle Rollers and Thumbs Up (For Rock n Roll). Rumors of Jon Gooch and Jake Stanczak pairing up again have floated around for months. With Feed Me working Far Away into his Psychedelic Journey Tour sets and Kill the Noise doing the same for his Majestic As Fak Tour, we here at Dance Music Northwest and probably many of you have been eagerly awaiting Far Away‘s official release. Fans can rejoice because that day is finally here!

Muscle Rollers and Thumbs Up (For Rock n Roll) were both more aggressive tracks, residing more in the dubstep spectrum of dance music. Far Away is still aggressive at the drop, but features a more pumping electro house kick drum and bass. You can always expect impeccable synth work from Feed Me and Kill the Noise and Far Away validates that . The most unique part of Far Away is the intro featuring a British children’s choir that sings the chorus. The voices are slightly off key but combined with the xylophones, it generate an adventurous and youthful feel that tells the listener a story.

Even though Far Away is maybe not what you were expecting given Jon and Jake’s past collaborations, it is still so incredibly Feed Me and Kill the Noise. The two producers do an amazing job of staying true to their signature sounds while still venturing into new territory. Feed Me and Kill the Noise are also masterful at integrating visual elements into their production. The artwork for Far Away is incredibly trippy and the animated music video will debut on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim on Saturday, October 25th. Expect the video to be weird, psychedelic, adventurous and add even more context to Far Away‘s story.

Kill the Noise recently posted on Facebook and gave some backstory behind how Far Away was made. It gives an incredible insight into the collaborative process between himself and Feed Me. Kill the Noise details the recording of the school children and how he and Feed Me conceptualized the idea for Far Away. It is definitely a must read to gain more perspective on the two artists’ elaborate journey in producing just one song.

To listen to Far Away, check it below or purchase the track through iTunes. Give Feed Me and Kill the Noise a follow on SoundCloud to keep up with their latest releases (did we mention we are excited for the new Spor album yet?!).

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