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Field Trip at Q Nightclub: The Freshest Multi-Genre Weekly in Seattle

Field Trip is one of the most exciting weekly events happening in Seattle at Q, boasting past shows from the likes of Born Dirty, Dateless, Left/Right, Shades, Westend, Wongo, and more. Field Trip is run by Mark Martinez and Elle Matthews, with the all-star team of Ben Garrison and Jon Fisch providing essential backend support, bookings, and logistics.

Mark Martinez, Seattle-based DJ and ringleader Subset has truly pushed the envelope of electronic acts featured at Q, all the while emphasizing the importance of community and above all, the music; Subset also puts on the new generation of musicians, often featuring locals and new faces on the Field Trip lineups. He’s also playing at Dirtybird campout this year!

Here’s what he had to say about the vibe, history, and future of FT:

Field Trip is a multi-genre club night that provides a space for creativity, group connection, and expression to come together through dance and music. In its first six months, Field Trip hosted artists ranging from dubstep to progressive house and everywhere in between. Next month will see Field Trip’s first road shows, with Subset & Aylen hitting the road for a 3-show run in Seattle, Denver, and Tucson.

Q Nightclub is one of the premier music venues in Seattle with a long history of legendary performers and events. Since the club’s inception, many weekly events have tantalized Seattle audiences, offering the best in all realms of music, particularly electronic. For those unfamiliar with the club, Q offers a Funktion-One system the likes of which you may have only seen at a music festival before. The club is located in Capitol Hill, a fantastic area of Seattle known for its art, food, diversity, and thriving LGBT community.

Westend at Field Trip 027 – Photo by Parallax

Each week the entertainment shifts from primarily techno and house to downtempo, encouraging development within the particular realms of each style. In addition, there is lots of crossover in the local producer and promoter crowd- you might’ve found some die-hard techno fans checking out a Yheti & Toadface show, or a basshead getting down at Fisher back in March. We’re seriously looking forward to Treasure Fingers and Gawp on July 26th and DMVU & Of The Trees on August 2nd!


The future looks bright for Field Trip- what was your favorite Field Trip so far this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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