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Forbes List of Highest Paid DJs: The Usual Cast Of Characters

Calvin Harris on the red carpet at a GQ-sponsored event at Hakkasan.
One of many venues at which Calvin Harris has raked in boatloads of money.

Forbes, the powerhouse that publishes lists of people that are far wealthier than most of us, has just released its list of this year’s highest paid DJs. The list is pretty much exactly what you’d expect at the top. Rounding out the top three are familiar names Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and tied for third are our friends Avicii and Tiesto. It’s not surprising to see these names at the top, but even being industry insiders, we were shocked at just how much these guys raked in.

At number one and winning by a landslide, Calvin Harris has managed to rake in $66 million over the last year. This is in no small part thanks to his residency at the famed Hakkasan in Las Vegas as well as the gigs he continues to book all over the world. Oh, and how can we forget his omni-present hit SummerIt is also rumored that Calvin has done more than his share of ghost-producing, though it wouldn’t be ghost-producing if we knew who he wrote for now would it?

Number two brings us the notorious David Guetta. Guetta has earned $30 million over the last year and despite his many years in the industry and recent criticism shows no sign of showing down. Guetta continues to be a presence in famed clubs in Ibiza and Las Vegas and keeps cranking out new tracks and collaborations.

Duking it out for third at $28 million are Avicii and Tiesto, two DJs who have both had incredibly busy years. Avicii has seen the amazing success of his album True and despite his young age is able to command six figures to perform at a club, making it easy to see how he climbed the ranks. Tiesto has seen success with his shift away from trance with songs like the inescapable Wasted and countless remixes at that.

Hop on over to the Forbes article for the rest of the highest paid DJs of 2014 and let us know your thoughts on how much these guys (yes, all male…) are able to rake in.

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