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Artist Gaugez on stage at a show. He is dancing and his logo is on the screen behind him.
Photo Credit: Gaugez


Meet the growing Seattle bass artist Gaugez [DMNW Interview]

We had the privilege of meeting local DJ mainstay Gaugez at the Boogie T show at The North Warehouse in Portland. Gaugez, also known as Anthony Breed, was born in Renton and currently resides in Seattle. He has been DJ’ing for over a decade but only recently began producing. His style of EDM varies from heady dubstep, metal step, riddim, and trap. The first show he DJ’d was a renegade in Ocean Shores called Time Machine.

His passion for music has been a constant, but this year his goal is to continue working on producing and focusing on upcoming shows. He has been circulating in the Seattle area and has shared the stage with several notable artists including Trampa, Kai Wachi, Barely Alive, Champagne Drip, Han Solo, Helicopter Showdown, Borgore, and Stylust. Through our interview, we discussed what inspires him as an artist, what he has learned in the music industry, and where he wants to take his talent in the future.

A picture of the Artist Gaugez playing a sunrise set. The background is a screen that shows an explosion of colors around his name. He can be seen DJing on his equipment, with the sun rising in the background.

Photo Credit: Gaugez

What was your first favorite EDM song?

Gaugez: My friend Jake showed me Down by DZ before I knew what EDM even was. I listened to that song on repeat for over a week. He then told me there was a place where they listened to this kind of music. He explained a rave to me and took me to one, which was love at first sight.

Have you always been drawn to music?

I have always been super into music. When I was in middle and high school I listened to mostly metal and emo music so I was always drawn to it. Dubstep for me has a kind of very metal-ness about it.

When did you start producing and how did you decide to start?

I just [recently began] producing and I honestly should have been doing it a long time ago, but never actually sat down and did it. But now I have a very good support system and a partner who is pushing me to do it and I have been loving it. New music is soon to come from Gaugez!

What was your first show or festival? What was that experience like for you?

My first show was Unity at Studio 7 in 2009. I became a part of a rave family and was named Gaugez at this show. This show is when I knew I wanted to be a part of the rave scene forever. The first festival that I played at was Time Machine at Ocean Shores. It was also my first time playing on CDJs in front of people. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done in my life. I just remember the manager telling me I could play a slot and I ran back to my car as fast as I could to grab my cd case and headphones. I was thrilled to have been handed the opportunity.

Then a couple of years later, [I played] my first festival called Where Life Begins in Oregon. It was amazing. One of my first major festivals was Identity Festival at the Gorge. It was beautiful: just the people, the vibes, and the music. There is nothing like an EDM festival in the world. It feels like home to me.

Which venues have you played at? And which ones are your favorite?

Trinity, Volume, Foundation, Q Nightclub, The Citadel, Studio 7, boat parties, the Paris Theater in Portland, China Harbor, Airport Tavern and so many others. My favorite though would have to be Q Nightclub. I just really love that club and the energy there.

What inspires you the most to create?

I would have to say what inspires me most to create would have to be knowing how the music feels to me. Music has gotten me through a lot of hard times in my life and just times in general. Music is such an amazing tool and it can make you feel so many different feelings. Just knowing that and wanting to make people feel as passionately as I do about it is the reason I want to create it.

Who is your dream to open for and why?

My dream [would be to open for] Liquid Stranger at Wakaan Festival, or Excision at Bass Canyon. Another artist would be Eliminate. These artists are my idols when it comes to producing. I admire them and truly look up to them.

What would be your dream festival to play at?

My dream festival would definitely have to be EDC. I have not had the pleasure of going yet, but I want to so badly. To play that festival would be a dream come true.

What is your biggest learning experience or best takeaway from working in the music industry?

My biggest experience or takeaway from the music industry so far has been how amazing people are and how amazing the scene is. it’s just one family. Just as long as we continue to spread P.L.U.R. I think we have just begun to see how amazing this industry can be. I am so happy just to witness and be a part of the experience.

What do you want people to know about you the most?

What I want people to know most about me is that I am gonna be grinding my absolute hardest this year and I am going to be coming out with some amazing music. I’m playing some amazing shows so be on the lookout!

Where can people see you play? What are your upcoming shows?

My upcoming shows are the silent disco at Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge at midnight at the afterparty Friday night and the annual Campout in Oregon in August. Both of these shows are super special to me and I am so stoked to be able to be a part of these amazing opportunities.

Artist Gaugez DJing a show in Seattle. The background contains his logo with pink and blue graphics. The picture shows his DJ board and he is pointing at the crowd.

Photo Credit: Gaugez

Catch Gaugez at an upcoming PNW event

A talented artist with a big heart for the EDM community, Gaugez is bold and determined to spread his music far and wide. Keep an eye out in the PNW area for Gaugez. Catch him this summer locally and at his scheduled festivals! If you want to check out his music, you can listen now on his Sound Cloud 

In the words of Gaugez: love yourself and love the ones around you. Take care of each other. That’s what this community is all about!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!