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Should EDM celebrate Getter’s return to dubstep? (Opinion)

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After a tumultuous 2019 for Getter, the legend returns with a new track showcasing his older bass-heavy style. Following his acclaimed Visceral album, Getter virtually disappeared after fan criticism drove him to cancel remaining tour dates. Favoring his style of bass dubstep that first put him on the map, “fans” flocked to social media and his shows to harass him.

While releasing a few smaller tracks during his break, Represent marks his largest return to the spotlight. Even though there isn’t a firm release date, is his homecoming to dubstep really reason to celebrate?

Visceral release shows growth as an artist

Visceral, released on Mau5trap in 2018, symbolized a tremendous point of growth for Getter. Performing since the tender age of 16 Tanner Petulla, has been constantly in the spotlight. An artist made famous for banging party-conducive hits with screeching bass, Petulla created a sonically cohesive concept album, unlike anything he’d released before. Even as 13 prior EPs and a wash of singles pointed him towards good– yet consistent– music, there was still a sense of something missing.

When Petulla released Visceral, the previously masked emotions from his aggressive and unique take on dubstep surfaced. Each song both sonically and lyrically portrays a sliver of the human experience, from depression and paranoia to falling in love. Stacking elements of future bass with experimental, Getter takes listeners on a journey for the entire 12 track project.

Album response leaves Getter shaken

Petulla even acknowledged Visceral was an outlet for him to progress his mental health and career, and above all make himself happy. Then several “fans” attacked him for the radically different release via social media and in-person during his tour. Getter canceled the remaining 7 tour dates and gave this statement on Twitter.

Fellow artists and producers leaped to pledge their support for his decision in canceling the rest of the tour. But, it was still clear that Getter was shaken from the response to his most intimate and emotional release yet. Other artists expressed their own concerns in pushing the scope of their sounds over fears of similar fan reactions.

Artists’ ties to sub-genres limits growth

So should we really celebrate his “return to dubstep” with this new single? It’s a difficult decision when both uniquely different sounds stand alone. Both his heavier and aggressive take on dubstep, and the emotionally gripping future bass album have left deep impressions on us as listeners.

One of the greatest aspects of electronic music is how many directions it can take. No other genre exists with the capability to roll so many emotions and sounds into a single track or album. Truly, only special artists are able to release quality music across different genres, which Petulla has proven over the last year. Even more challenging is the balance between creating a finished product that they love and considering the demands of their fan base.

Instead of celebrating Getter’s famous “return to dubstep,” we should champion his personal wellness above all else. Musicians should be commended for taking artistic risks, but also for releasing the music they are passionate about. Our favorite artists are only human and should put out music that contributes to their own happiness. One thing for certain, whatever Getter releases next will be on his own accord.

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