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Gramatik Gives Us His Entire Discography for Free via BitTorrent

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Gramatik, an incredibly talented Slovenian-born producer/DJ who hones a unique sound (a combination of hip-hop, glitch, electro, and dubstep), is a huge proponent of digital freedom. Since moving to the U.S. in 2008 to pursue his career, he’s given a massive amount of his music away for free. Now he has effectively outdone himself by making most of his life’s work available for free on BitTorrent in the form of the Gramatik Discography Bundle.

If you download the GDB, you’ll find yourself in the possession of over ten hours of music over nine albums and two EPs. You’ll find exclusive new Get a Grip remixes, and an all-access look at the music video for Brave Men, featuring Eskobars.

Gramatik refers to himself as someone who “bases his entire career on free file sharing.” He believes that his listeners have a better chance of listening to him and other artists who support digital freedom than they do of paying attention to the institutions that make the laws. He is an advocate of grass roots movement to fight against the large, profit-driven corporations that ask our government to heavily regulate the music industry. Gramatik will never miss an opportunity to point out how much money is derived from live shows, seeing recording music as a marketing opportunity that shouldn’t require listeners to shell out cash.


digital freedom is mad freedom


How we the consumers, the record labels, our government, the music merchants, and the artists themselves interact is a complex web. As technology changes the way in which we listen to and acquire music while people fight over how to make money from it, the availability of free music is in jeopardy more than we might think. We recently covered Kaskade’s frustrations with attempting to follow the rules for sharing music legally on SoundCloud, which makes it clear to fans that digital freedom isn’t as simple as uploading without any motivation to profit.

Like Kaskade and Pretty Lights (whose label he was on to begin his career), Gramatik believes that when you set music free, it finds its listeners. It seems to work well enough for the talented artist, whose bread and butter is performing the chill music that we all love so much. Check out the download and prepare for many hours happiness for your ears.

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