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GRAVEDGR unearths debut album ‘6 Feet Under’ (Review)

Who is GRAVEDGR? Who is the man behind the mask? Where did he come from? Shrouded in all-black, and usually equipped with a shovel, this mysterious DJ/producer covertly caught the world’s attention two years ago with his sinister debut single RAMPAGE. Following up with soul-snatching anthems like KAMIKAZE and BE WARY, GRAVEDGR is back with his biggest work to date: a debut studio album.

The Story of GRAVEDGR

The rise of GRAVEDGR is haunting, leaving him with an origin story like no other that heavily influences his dark sound. During his teenage years, GRAVEDGR worked with his dad at a cemetery, helping him bury bodies six feet into the ground. Dredging up the feelings and thoughts from his work in a graveyard, GRAVEDGR buries it into a sound that fuels the trap and hardstyle scene.

It’s only fitting that an album as dark, and menacing, as 6 FEET UNDER belongs on DJ Carnage’s Heavyweight Records. As an unidentified DJ, GRAVEDGR has dropped a massive LP of collaborations, working with artists like Flosstradamus, Junkie Kid, and Carnage himself. GRAVEDGR’s nefarious journey of sound begins with it’s own 6 FEET UNDER INTRO. This spine chilling intro twists the typically serene prayer of ‘Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep’ into GRAVEDGR’s own rendering. It’s gone almost as quickly as it came, leaving you with a gut wrenching feeling of incoming doom.

A Ride Straight to Hell

GRAVEDGR drives in the first shovel with 6 FEET UNDER, the perfect weapon to provoke a bone-crunching mosh pit. Dark and nefarious vocals invite listeners to the dark side, while racing towards a heavy hard style drop. Most of 6 FEET UNDER holds a definite hard style sound with trap and drum and bass influences throughout. Previously released tracks such as RAMPAGE and KAMIKAZE showcase GRAVEDGR’s ability to produce a devastating sound.

DEATHROW begins eerily slow…until you hear the sounds of a shovel undoubtably digging a grave. Almost two minutes pass as a murder of crows caw tauntingly in background before this track violently slaps into a fast tempo, barreling into one of the hardest drops of the entire LP.

For his debut album GRAVEDGR lists an insane number of nine different artists in collaboration. A handful of these ground shaking collaborations were released previously to help hype up 6 FEET UNDER‘s release. A few heavyweight collabs worth mentioning are WARDOGZ with City Morgue, MOVE with KRISCHVN and FICK DICH with Carnage. One collaboration not to be missed is ALL I WANT featuring Awoltalk. The duo veer away from this album’s trap/hard style sound to deliver a savage drum and bass track that’ll leave you in your final resting place.

Listen in on the darkness and despair that is GRAVEDGR’s debut album 6 FEET UNDER below.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!