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Griz adds fuel to Ride Waves tour with ‘Bangers[3].zip’

Griz x Bangers[3].zip
Photo: Griz

Staying true to the monthly release schedule of his Bangers series, innovative bass music producer Griz just unleashed Bangers[3].zip on the world! After teasing the EP over social media a few days ago, Bangers[3].zip is now available to stream on all major platforms.

True to form, Bangers[3].zip follows the same three-song structure as its predecessors and features album artwork crafted by Alycia Rainaud and Dorian Legret who also worked on the last two installments. Make sure to revisit Bangers[1].zip and Bangers[2].zip for the full effect!

Griz still be hittin’ different

Bangers[3].zip starts off heavy with the song I Like That, featuring smooth vocals from Kayla Jasmine. I Like That gets straight to the point with some low-frequency hip-hop beats fronted by Kayla Jasmine’s pristine lyrical flow. The cerebral dubstep drop later in the track showcases Griz’s genre-bending production antics.

Supadupakulavibe feels like the soundtrack to an amazing summer full of beach trips and music festivals with friends. Even though summer is effectively over in the Pacific Northwest, this song brings sunshine to our rainy days. Now Til Infinity plays like a funky ’70s jazz track dragged into the future. It’s easily the most fun track on the EP in terms of dance-ability. Listen to Bangers[3].zip below!

The whole EP is full of the fun and uplifting positivity that we’ve learned to expect from Griz. This is a great EP to get the morning started the right way. Dancing to crazy beats and singing along to the lyrics. In the official press release, Griz had this to say about his newest release:

“As we get ready to head out on tour next week, I wanted to give you guys these tunes that have been my secret weapons all summer long. I hope you fall in love with them, and I can’t wait to share their energy with you in person <3 you’ve really gotta be there to feel it.”

All of these tracks are definitely something we want to hear live. Lucky for us, Griz’s Ride Waves: Season Two tour is well underway with Pacific Northwest days still down the pipeline. Griz will be in the PNW for three consecutive days as he brings the tour to Seattle, Vancouver, and then Eugene.

What did you think of Bangers[3].zip? Let us know in our comments section on Facebook and Twitter!

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