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A Comprehensive Guide to the Female Artists of EDC Las Vegas 2018

Mexico's DJ Jessica Audiffred in adidas shirt and pink jacket

Lauren Lane

Making her debut on the festival circuit by playing festivals such as Coachella, DC-10, and Decibel, Lauren Lane has established herself as an authority of future and minimal house. Lauren released her debut EP entitled Cool Kids in 2014, with her debut track of the same name garnering attention all across the industry. She then released her second EP called Diary of a Madwoman in 2016. With two albums under her belt, multiple festival appearances, and an inventive house sound, Lauren will be an excellent act to catch if you’re looking for the low-key Ibiza house vibes.

Mariana Bo

Also hailing from Mexico, Mariana Bo has an interesting take on electronic music by combining big room house with her violin skills. Mariana was a classically trained violinist, who one day was playing around wither her instrumental compositions and layered them over dance music. She has one of the must unique sounds in the industry today. Mariana has also recieved accolades from fellow EDCLV artists such as Armin Van Buuren, KSHMR, and Morgan Page. Mariana also plays violin live during some of her sets making for an enthralling experience. But her sound is far from classical in nature. It’s heavy with big room house, delivering on those huge drops you’ve come to expect at EDCLV. You will not be disappointed catching her set.


Amber Giles, known as Mija, has grown in popularity these last few years with her distaste for musical genres. She has carved out a niche for herself as a female artists who plays whatever she feels like from bass, to house, to metalcore, and everything in between. Based in LA, Mija got her start in electronic music at Bonnaroo Festival, and it was here she met Skrillex, who played a b2b set with her until sunrise. A few months afterwards, she won a remix competition to play on the Black Butter Records stage at TomorrowWorld. It was from then on that Mija really catapulted herself to the forefront of bass music.


REZZ, a name that lately needs no introduction, has carved out a niche for herself with her hard techno and progressive house sound. From Niagra Falls, at just 22, REZZ has gained the elusive recognition of head mouse himself. It’s not wonder Deadmau5 has taken such a vested interest in REZZ, producing and releasing several of her tracks on Mau5trap records. She started out gaining followers on Soundcloud where both Skrillex and Deadmau5 caught wind of her unique sound. Skrillex released her debut track through his OWSLA Label, thus developing her “cult of REZZ” following. REZZ subsequently released two EPS, one of which Mass Manipulation was released on Mau5trap. She’s been labeled as the queen of dark techno, and as “Space Mom” for her spacey house/techno vibes. She’s one of the coolest chicks at EDCLV this year.


At just 16-years-old, Mack Bartsch, aka Spaceprodigi, is the youngest person on the EDCLV lineup this year. While she’s an upcoming artist from Texas, with just one EP under belt, Mack is making huge waves in the electronic community. It can be boiled down to her dedication to utilizing all analog synthesizers in her production. This gives her music a very distinct sound reminiscent of 80s electro/house. EDC will not be her first performance but it will be her largest. She played at a Houston club alongside Ritchie Hawtin in 2017. Spaceprodigi isn’t afraid of having a bold, unique sound. Which will be interesting to hear on larger scale, with a larger crowd to experience the creativity of such a young artist. Catch her while she’s just starting out, because we guarantee that in a few years she’ll be selling out shows of her own.

With these female artists at EDCLV this year, it’s clear that the dance music industry is on the verge of a major shift in talent. It may just be the beginning for these artists, but it definitely won’t be the end. All it takes is for one young woman attending EDCLV to see one of these women on the lineup and get inspired to launch their own career.

Let’s start a revolution; one marked by equality, not sex scandals, where we can come together and celebrate the music we love. EDCLV is the lynch-pin in this revolution by booking so many wonderful female artists. Where will we go from here?

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