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Jason Ross ‘1000 Faces’ album takes us on an emotional journey

Courtesy of Jason Ross

Jason Ross is no stranger to those who follow Anjunabeats or like to live in the trance genre of EDM. Since he premiered with huge support from Above and Beyond, he has proved to be force to be reckoned with, dropping massively popular tracks like Valor, Many Days, and Atlas, which earned him adoring crowds all over the world.

Back in 2017, following his b2b set with Seven Lions at ABGT250, Jason was given the unique opportunity to explore and depart from his typical sound he had become initially known for.

1000 Faces has burst out into the world taking its place as the first album to be released on Seven Lions’ imprint Ophelia Records, and it’s really quite an accomplishment. While the album features songs that Jason Ross had previously released such as Shelter (a track that has eclipsed over a million hits on Spotify) and One That Got Away, he’s also included never before heard tracks that fit perfectly in the new melodic sound garden that he’s created. Taking listeners on an emotional roller-coaster, this album is one that you’ll definitely want to listen to if your goal is to fully immerse yourself in his unmistakable blend of melodic styles.

Following suit of so many iconic musical compositions, this album winds us down a path and begins with a gorgeous intro, which leads smoothly to the first track, When The Night Falls.

The intro to 1000 Faces definitely sets the mood as light melodic tunes flood your ears throughout the track. There is no giant beat drop moment in this beginning, only ethereal melodies, which eventually flow right into the start of When the Night Falls that features FioraIf you’re a follower of Seven Lions, you know that Fiora is a frequent vocalist in his music, so many of his tracks feature her mystical tones. Her voice guides listeners through the buildup and eventually to the emotive drop that’s quickly become a staple for all of Jason’s latest tracks.

Although this is just the second track on the album, it’s easy for this to become an immediate favorite in large part due to Fiora’s gorgeous voice and the marriage of it with melody Jason crafted. It’s definitely a well-written track that coincides easily with the motif he is looking to manifest.

One That Got Away is a unique collab with Dabin (a rising melodic bass star in his own right) along with it being the one track on the album with a male vocalist, the incomparable Dylan Matthew. This is a song where we see Jason Ross’ new sound really unfold as a high lead over-top heavy combinations lead into the chorus evoking an emotional reaction as the song progresses.

Courtesy of Seven Lions

Launching into the next track with an epic piano arpeggio, Dia Frampton graciously leads into the build up of Someone That I Needed that brings along an energy surge in the album. While the lyrics have an incredibly broken feel to them with her referring to herself as a mess of broken pieces,” the melody is very uplifting, a trait of music that artists like Avicii really pioneered that always leaves you wanting more. The track is at a higher BPM, doesn’t have any massive “big drop” moments, but hits in a certain way, there’s always something special about a good major key track.

Overall, the 10 tracks Jason has crafted flow effortlessly together. The tempo of the album does slow a bit with Fiora in Leave Me To Wonder but maintains an angelic feel that guides you to higher place. Jeff (AKA Seven Lions), lends his talent to Known You Before which the two debuted together months prior to this release and is a track that has been included in both producer’s sets for quite some time. Jeff’s signature sounds echo throughout the chorus and provide an easy to bounce to beat. Singer Dia Frampton again lends her voice on 1000 Faces and RUNN finishes the collection out with Letting Go. If you want to really dive into the song, google the lyrics of Letting Go while listening to this ending track. It’s relatable words speak to the true experience of the path of love and having to realize it’s time to say goodbye.

Jason’s project with Ophelia Records is really a significant departure from his previous classic Anjunabeats style. As an artist, he really has made quite the shift and this reinvention of his music which really points in the direction he will most likely pursue in the future.

Peep Jason’s new full album here. With his expansive North American headlining tour next month beginning, we can’t wait to catch him when he makes his stop in the PNW in Seattle on March 13th. Pick up your tickets to his set and take the journey with him this Spring. Be on the lookout as well for his upcoming Anjunabeats single coming out (come on, he still obviously will get trance-y sometimes!) and also an upcoming collab with Slander! Without a doubt, we’ll also be treated to a Rooms #4 mix from him, so tons to look forward to.

It’s an absolute pleasure for us to be able to share our thoughts on this sophomore album of Jason’s, following 2019’s release of Rooms. We cannot express what a joy it has been to see how far he has come in his career, especially over the last couple years. Truthfully, we are just thankful to be a part of his musical journey and get to enjoy the magic he creates. All dreams start somewhere, and we can’t where to see where Jason’s take him.

What did you think of 1000 Faces? Are you planning on attending the PNW show? Let us know in our comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter!

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