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Kasbo paints a winter wonderland in newly-released second studio album

Photo by Kasbo

In our world there is summer music and then there is winter. For Kasbo, the cold weather of his native Sweden is always celebrated in his music.

One example from Kasbo’s discography, Snow in Gothenburg, details how he celebrates cold weather. Kasbo’s second studio album, The Making of a Paracosm, shows cold weather as a magical winter wonderland.

Kasbo wants to show you how to glow in the dark.

Song Analysis:

För Evigt: This isn’t the only track from The Making of A Paracosm that features a Swedish title. There are others like Snö and Skogsrå too. För Evigt could be translated to words like forever, everlasting and eternal.

We wanted to open our analysis with För Evigt because it’s a great example of the key sound that Kasbo carved for his album. This sound can be heard starting at 0:56 on För Evigt. It’s a beautiful combination of vocal chops, flutes and other wind instruments. We consider this sound a main theme of The Making of a Paracosm.

Shut The World Out:

We instantly thought of Shut The World Out. What do we love most about this track? Well the lyrics are a great start.

As long as we can see when we close our eyes
We’ll shut the world out
As long as we still hear when we close our ears
It’s real for us
It is real for us
We’ll shut the world out

Remember how Kasbo celebrates the cold weather in his music? You can feel the cold air brushing over you in Shut the World Out, but it doesn’t hurt your skin. Here we celebrate isolation, but we aren’t alone.

A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world. Paracosms are thought to generally originate in childhood.

Snö: The final track of this magnificent album begins with a delicate piano lead. It’s the idea of slow motion, we are almost frozen in place. Snö shows us the paracosm that Kasbo created. This place feels comfortable and warm, it feels like home.

This is where we discovered the magic in Kasbo’s second album, home. Deep in a dark and cold winter Kasbo found that all he needed to warm his heart was to embrace his home. To love and appreciate.

Kasbo explains, “The world is a mess,” and throughout 2020 there have been moments where we agreed. We just want to ignore all of the negative distractions and celebrate happiness. Kasbo and The Making of a Paracosm gives us that chance. Press pause on the world and dive into a beautiful paracosm.

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