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On A Quest For New Music? Let Us Guide The Way

Let Us Guide Your Quest For New Music

Sick of listening to the same music? Can’t figure out what to listen to? Do you wonder what Space Dreams sound like? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you! There are heaps of apps that can help you on the path of musical enlightenment, so consider these just a handful of methods that have always worked well for us.


Even though it’s not as robust or clean cut as other music-dedicated services, pretty much every song you could ever want to listen to is on YouTube. There are a couple ways to find new music here.

Spiraling Down the Rabbit Hole:

  1. Find a track you love, then listen to it.
  2. At the end of the video and on the right hand side of the page are similar tracks listed. Often times these will just be other tracks by the same artists, but if it’s a lesser known producer, they tend to be things in a similar genre.
  3. Click on one track, listen to it. Click on another. Soon you’ll be listening to David Hasselhof’s Jump In My Car and have no idea how you got there. Thus, the rabbit hole.

Channel Surfing:

  1. Go to the YouTube Channels page
  2. In the box that says “Search channels”, enter in a genre you want to explore.


I’m sure this hardly needs mentioning, but it is one of the best ways to discover new music. If somehow you’ve missed this fantastic service, here’s a quick run down. Pandora runs off the Music Genome Project, which assigns very specific characteristics to a given track, artist, or genre. To use Pandora, you choose a track, artist, or genre, and it creates a station with similar musical qualities based on the genome. Here are some cool things you may not have realized about Pandora:

  1. You can create a station based on a track or genre, not just an artist.
  2. You can curate the station further by adding additional artists/tracks/genres.
  3. You can then share that curated station with your friends or random strangers’ email addresses.

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Josh fell in love with Trance at USC's Resolution 2012. It's all been downhill from there as the obsession has grown to a full time hobby in seeking out interesting music across the dance music spectrum and attending crazy parties across the globe.

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