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Liquid Stranger releases 6 track ‘Ascension’ EP packed with bass (DMNW Review)

If there is one artist the bass-heavy Pacific Northwest has been waiting for a new release from, it’s Liquid Stranger. After a mind-bending direct support act for Excision at Thunderdome in Tacoma, we couldn’t wait for the forthcoming project. Check out our review of the Ascension EP below, and catch Liquid Stranger in the Northwest again on March 17th in Bellingham, and March 18th in Spokane.

Cohesive project despite differing sound design

One of the best parts of Ascension is how different each of the tracks sound initially, but how well they work together. As a  standout of the project, Psychonaut kicks off in a dark, menacing fashion. Things turn, however, and Liquid Stranger shows off some more of his downtempo production in Ascend.

During Sunken Technology, the sound evolves again to something more aggressive. In a concise 6 tracks, the buildup and closure of each separate the distinct sounds. The longer transitions between tracks felt necessary to get a breath during the bass-doused otherworldly themes. For how diverse in sound the EP is, the ethereal complexities of production are so mind-bending that it makes nearly perfect sense altogether.

Killer collaborations add unique sound

The collaborations on the project perfectly add in layers to the overall feeling Liquid Stranger captures. Featuring LUZCID, Hammer kicks off the first of three collaborations in a way that scales up to the first drop with hits that sound, fittingly, like a hammer.

The synth-ier, more upbeat Laser Burn featuring Hydraulix, adds in some lower distorted horn sounds that round out the higher pace. LSDREAM shines in Sunken Technology; his melodic blinking sounds complement the arguably weirdest song on the project, which sounds like it was conceived on another planet in the best way.

Psychonaut, the project’s standout track

Liquid Stranger absolutely murdered us with the release of a track fans have been holding onto for months. Psychonaut‘s buildup, from the initial superhero theme chants of “psychonaut” coupled with mounting drums and scaled synths, foreshadowed a heavy drop. So much more than that, Liquid Stranger threw us all spiraling off a cliff with a dizzying drop. Unlike anything we’ve heard before, it became obvious why some fans waited so long to hear this released.

Catch Liquid Stranger on tour in support of Ascension

After seeing him drop Psychonaut during his Thunderdome set a few weeks ago, we’re fully sold on Liquid Stranger’s live performances. If his new EP hit you too, check him out on tour this spring when he stops in the Northwest.

He plays in Bellingham March 17th, and Spokane on March 18th. For more information and tickets, you can find his site here. Let us know if you’re attending his Ascension Tour, and what you think of his new EP!


Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!