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Get to Know A Local Producer: BenTraxx [Interview]

Ben from Seattle, Washington is starting to make a name for himself in the local electronic music scene. With upcoming shows and new solo and collaboration work, we had to know more. Ben, or BenTraxx has had his hand in a number of projects, working with local artists and expanding his own catalog.

Music has been in his life since he was little, continually growing into his teenage years. Electronic music just came into his life. While helping out a friend make some beats, he decided he too wanted to try. He ventured into genres from “hip-hop to dubstep, and it finally came to the point where I wanted to make house and trap music.” Ben has kept growing with his music of choice, delving into Future House, Trap, Wobble/Bass House, and Deep House.

We are lucky to have a strong music scene in the Northwest and BenTraxx hopes to keep growing with it.

“The EDM scene here is pretty damn good here. Predominantly bassy, but has something for everyone depending on where you go. Great EDM based event companies too, like USC, AWOL, and EmeraldCity EDM go extra for bringing good artists and DJ’s that they know people will like.”

As the EDM community continues to grow, more and more, DJs, ravers, promotors are entering the community. With new waves of DJs coming in it is interesting to see how they hope the community grows. PLUR has been part of our community for a while now, yet not always practiced. Ben is hoping for more people to act on this acronym that people so proudly talk about.

“I’ve seen people say PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) a lot, but haven’t really acted on what it actually means. So if ravers, DJ’s, promoters, etc. could start saying it AND meaning it, that’d be something good to start with. #SayItMeanIt”

Being able to make great music for good people is what Ben hopes to do, and he hopes to work with local and non-local artists. We love the fact that he wants to collaborate with local artists, further making the Northwest proud. Locally, he would like to collaborate with Super Square,  and previously worked with Brandon Lentz and Melakai.

“Locally, I’d love to work with Super Square. A really talented trio who I already know personally and I love their style of music. I’m already working with a few good artists like Brandon Lentz and Melakai, but I’m open to working with any local artist that keeps on top of things.”

With music being a constant in his life, and learning background at the Art Institute of Seattle, we are looking forward to more of his releases in the future. Make sure to check out BenTraxx’s Soundcloud to keep an eye out for his solo work and collaborations. Don’t Talk with Brandon Lentz will be releasing soon. You can also catch BenTraxx performing July 29th at the Vera Project in Seattle, and can purchase tickets here.

What are some of your other favorite BenTraxx songs? Who will we be seeing at the Vera Project in July? Any other local artists that you think deserve a mention? Share your responses in the comments!

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