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ODESZA – The Northwest’s Experimental Treasure

There is no doubting the magical presence in experimental electronic music. And when that soul-fueling music is grown right from your home state, the roots of connection reach even deeper. Here in the Northwest, we value our artistic treasures – and ODESZA is proving to be one of them.

Sprouting straight up out of the Northwestern greenery, ODESZA is growing wildly and rapidly. Having met their senior year of college, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight shared a profound interest in music and decided to dedicate their entire summer to production. Coming together under the name ‘ODESZA,’ the duo crafted their signature sound and took off with it – comprising of sun-kissed melodies, choppy vocals, deep rhythms, and an over-all aura of tranquility. And by September 2012, their first album, “Summer’s Gone,” granted ODESZA with a solid fan base in the Pacific Northwest, and turned heads across the country and beyond. Multiple music blogs and magazines featured ODESZA’s intricate musical style, and the Northwest’s very own KEXP Radio showed the album full support.

Now a year later, ODESZA is set to release their second album, “My Friends Never Die,” on September 17th. Their summer schedule has also been quite the wild ride – and it’s not over yet. After touring with Beat Connection, Emancipator, and Little People, and playing out at festivals including Sasquatch, Capitol Hill Block Party, and What The Festival, ODESZA gets to rest for the slightest moment while gearing up for their album release. Then its back on the road for these two, traveling farther and wider than they ever thought possible after little more than a year into music – Including sharing a stage with Pretty Lights this November. (More details below.)

ODESZA - My Friends Never Die - Album Art

Lucky for us, ODESZA’s Northwest origins provide us with a handful of chances to see them live. But don’t overlook these opportunities; they’re starting East Coast and Midwest tours this fall, and chances are, ODESZA will be blowing up faster than you can say “Hey Wait, Come Back!!” So here are a few upcoming dates in the PNW:

Sept. 7 – MusicFest NW – Portland, OR

Sept.28 – Decibel Festival – Seattle, WA

Nov.20 – Pretty Lights – Missoula, MT

Nov.21 – Pretty Lights – Spokane, WA

Nov.22 – Pretty Lights – Kent, WA

ODESZA’s majestic vibrance and eagerness to experiment is exactly what has been missing in music production as of late; Producers who force the music often forget the artistic aspect, therefore lacking what is long-lasting – soulful music. ODESZA ‘s soulful craft comes pure and simple – from the heart. It can be felt with all the senses. And we are more than proud to call ODESZA a Northwest treasure.

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You can download “My Friends Never Die” from ODESZA’s Official Website right here!

Want more? Read our exclusive interview with ODESZA, right here!

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