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Marc Rebillet announces Drive-In concert tour in the midst of COVID-19

COVID-19 has undeniably taken a massive toll on the concert industry. In the midst of uncertainty, one extremely unique artist is looking to break the mold and provide traveling entertainment to his avid fan base. Marc Rebillet, a genre-fluid artist and popular Youtuber, in other words: an ad-libbing electronic artist, has just dropped his surprise announcement for a concert tour where he will be hitting up five U.S. cities this coming month. Yes, you heard that right, in June.

Who is Marc Rebillet?

Known for streaming original jams from the comfort of home, Marc will be heading up his Drive-In Concert Tour. For those who might not have experienced this internet sensation, Rebillet takes pride in never having a set list, or plan, for his musical adventures. He writes his music totally on the fly, using nothing but the equipment in front of him- adorned in a variety of colorful kimonos, and comfy attire.

For this tour, there comes a level of safety that is unprecedented. Attendees will be confined to their cars. Windows will be rolled down at a two-inch requirement from the top as the music blasts to the crowd via an FM transmitter. Staff of the event will be required to wear face masks and gloves.

In essence, this is quite possibly the most ‘90s (or 80s, really) event to be planned in recent years, dropping down from Rebillet’s brilliant mind to the masses. In a video posted on Facebook, Rebillet exclaimed, “I am coming to drive-in movie theaters and playing motherf*cking shows, dude!”

Catch the full announcement video below and click here for tickets, which are currently available.

Tour Dates

Presented by HOTBOX, the tour will start in Charlotte, NC on June 11 before heading to Kansas City, KS (6/18); Tulsa, OK (6/20); Fort Worth, TX (6/25, 6/26); and Houston, TX (7/2, 7/3). Additional dates will be announced in the future. Now, let’s all shed a lamenting tear over the fact that unfortunately, there aren’t any west coast dates currently in the itinerary.

It does make sense that Rebillet will be heading back to his roots. The Texan-turned-New-Yorker will be performing in areas that have eased social distancing restrictions.

Are drive-in raves set to be a new norm?

Rebillet’s announcement comes just days after reports of drive-in concerts occurring in European countries like Germany and Lithuania. This whole concept of drive-in concerts has only rapidly grown since then, as promoters everywhere look to reinvent this concept as a potential alternative during this unprecedented concert hiatus. There’s honestly no doubt that more events like this won’t occur as the world really does need a massive pick-me-up.

While many DJs and producers out there have fully immersed themselves in the accessibility of livestream technology, improvisational expert and word-wizard, Marc Rebillet has been consistently producing tracks live and on camera for his entire career. It’s also rather necessary to share this masterpiece, dubbed the Essential Workers Anthem, an amazing and hilarious tribute to those on the front lines of the Coronavirus fight:

Will you be hitting up Marc Rebillet’s Drive-In tour (If you happen to be in those states), or which artists would you love to see head this way and produce their own Drive-In tours here in the PNW? Let us know in our comments on Facebook and Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!