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TheFatRat Dives Into Pop-Culture And Electro-House

An epidemic is spreading… The high-risk infection known only as TheFatRat has been going viral with his latest attacks on pop culture. The newest strain comes in the form of an intriguing animation of his new funky, glitched out single, “Dancing Naked.” The clever, imaginative music video was produced by the German rodent himself. TheFatRat is a master when it comes to stepping out of the box and pushing boundaries with his creative and visually stimulating productions. He believes it is important to break all the rules in music and video and create things that have never been created before. Technology gives him a wonderful opportunity to do this.


“The plot behind the video of “Dancing Naked” is a classic quest,” TheFatRat said. “A hero breaking free from restraints, traveling the world, fighting and hustling, searching for a place he can call his home and a true friend.”

This is not your typical hero my friends. This is a globetrotting, rat pioneer designed out of colorful socks and is brought to life in an animated stop motion video, exploring the wonders of pop culture. He finds himself diving into a whirlwind of well-known TV shows, movies, advertisements and American culture imagery.

“Still, we all can relate to this hero, because his journey is our journey,” TheFatRat continued. “Just like the rat, we all travel through media every day, searching for the holy grail of entertainment.”

Surfing over various popular images, we have counted a number of notable themes. From Coca Cola, Super Mario, to appearances in The Big Bang Theory and a Gotye music video. He even dabbles in a speech with our president, steps onto the moon, and brings the popular social networking website, Twitter to life in the Lion King. There’s no telling what TheFatRat will be concocting next. In the meantime, how many pop culture references can you name from the video? We’ve found about twenty so far!



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