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New school vs. old school ravers: Can’t we all just get along?

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10 things old ravers should know about new-schoolers:

1. We will just come out and say it: most old schoolers are well…actually old. Some of you could be our parents. To be perfectly clear, some of you are our parents! That is actually accurate, but honestly, it’s not a bad thing.

2. For the skeptics of genres like dubstep and trap music, with a growling bass and general aggressive attitude, take a step back and realize that this is basically our own version of heavy metal. It’s Korn, Rob Zombie, and Disturbed all mixed together into one. Welcome headbangers and mosh pit goers, you have arrived in your ideal space. And with the rise of so many artists in this realm continuing to grow, you probably should get used to it as it doesn’t seem to be losing fans.

Sullivan King x Bass Canyon x 2019

Photo: Chase Richard Carbajal (

3. Be it what it is, bros, or those frat-going, party-centered, muscle-toting guys you see at most major festivals now, do actually get dressed up in crazy outfits and love the EDM culture just like the rest of us. Electronic music is pretty universal at this point, and whether you want to acknowledge that or not, everyone does generally embrace the escape and fantasy of it all. Isn’t the original point of raving in and of itself, to spread the love?

4. Candy is no longer one in the same with rave kids sucking on pacifiers and dancing aimlessly around with glow-sticks. It may be an old-school term, but it has a new meaning, and replacing the “c” and the “y” with a “k” and an “i” has only demonstrated the evolution of this old school raver scene. Trust me, we definitely look up to those original “candy” festival goers with admiration. These pioneers probably have kept the essence of PLURR and rave culture alive more than anyone.

Courtesy of Insomniac

5. Speaking of kandi, we were only half-serious about what we said up above, the overall old-school vibe of it isn’t really as old as we say. The twist we spoke of above involves us creating a unique type of connection by trading “friendship bracelets”, which can range from a piece with comical sayings or meaningful quotes to giant creations that take hours to complete.

We create these bracelets in order to form a new bond with a complete stranger or bring a close friend to tears from the sweetness of the emotional depth behind the piece that is a really a little bit of yourself you are sharing with the world. This might seem pretty silly, but this is 100 times more special than a surface level Facebook post or social media shoutout.

6. When we obsess about dubstep and the peaks and hard hitting bumps of drum and bass, it’s inherently for the same reasons old-school ravers lost their minds to the liquid squiggles and snarls of acid house. We might not all know what types of mixing boards got us to where we are today, but we sure do love it just as much.

7. We actually have more knowledge about dance music history than you think. There are many new ravers out there who tastes include artists like: Moby, Darude, or Underworld. Skrillex was in fact highly influenced by ’90s pioneers like Orbital. We appreciate the classics and celebrate them.

8. Contrary to general assumption of well, the world, we aren’t all here to do drugs and get high. Plenty of ravers are completely happy getting lost in the stunning visuals and music that takes us to a better place. At this point we honestly just want to be part of the party and spread good vibes rather than stand for a cause. Yes this is your movement, but it’s ours now, too.

9. We’re going to live in the moment and for today because we know it could all be taken away tomorrow. Our generation grew up with a nation that saw incredibly tragedy and two wars while our privacy has progressively been stripped away. Not to mention the Great Recession to add to the happiness of it all and the threat of global warming as well. Every generation has its struggles to escape from. You old-school dreamers built the dream, but we are here to grow and live in it’s glory.

a couple dances together at tomorrowland

Courtesy of Tomorrowland

10. If you haven’t dove into the melodic bass genre and experienced newer artists like Dabin, Mitis, Wlliam Black, Trivecta, and Said the Sky and screamed all the words to track’s like Rush Over Me, do yourself a favor and give them a chance. These artists are perfect examples of the evolution of dance music that will bring tears to your eyes under a melancholy melodic sky, and probably warm your heart.

What do you think about new rave culture vs. old rave culture? Share your thoughts and let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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1 Comment

  1. Darin

    October 18, 2021 at 12:12 am

    I will never give these newer artists like Dabin, Mitis, Wlliam Black, Trivecta a chance. If you go to the trance classic’s channel on YouTube and see that what you call Trance today is not Trance or nothing close like it and i was born in 86 and my friend was a amateur DJ in the 90’s in Las Vegas with turntable’s that use vinyl and not the shit they use today. So, nah as Grunge died in the 90’s so did Trance passed too around 2003 or little there after.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!