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Apple (Finally) Releases Logic Pro X

After almost 4 years of waiting, Apple has followed in the footsteps of Final Cut Pro and released Logic Pro X, a release with incredibly significant upgrades and (almost) no significant gotchas.

Sporting a fresh new look, the newly designed UI is very reminiscent of the Final Cut Pro X or Garageband interface.  Flex Pitch (in line monophonic pitch correction) has been added for all but the most complicated pitch correction tasks, and multi-track automation has been made infinitely easier with the addition of Track Stacks and Smart Controls.

For electronic dance music producers specifically, you’ll find a plethora of new and updated software instruments, including an updated Hammond B3 emulation and Retro Synth, a throwback to the bygone era of hardware analog synths like Moogs, Waldorfs, and DX7s.  There is also a new Bass Amp Designer to compliment Guitar Amp Designer, and a new Drummer plugin that allows for lightning fast drum kit creation a la BFD or EZDrummer.


Retro Synth

Also targeted at electronic producers is the completely redesigned suite of MIDI plugins.  No longer a terrible, horrible mess of a window, the new MIDI plugin suite is beautiful in both its implementation and software design.  Arpeggiation, chord triggering, LFO and Envelope Modulation are all front and center.  Even MIDI scripting has been included for all the mad geniuses out there (you know who you are).  Improved interfacing on all MIDI-related screens (piano roll, score editor, hyper editor) means editing MIDI in Logic is easier than ever, and finally starts to catch up to some of its more modern rivals.


LFO and Envelope Modulation

One small (big) gotcha we see: Apple has officially dropped support for 32-bit plugins, including the 32-to-64-bit bridge.  While most plugins have been updated to 64-bit versions, certain plugins or versions of plugins do NOT have 64-bit versions (the original Sausage Fattener comes to mind).  Be mindful of this fact before you update.  We also noticed that most of the included suite of plugins has been, in no way, updated.  Perhaps this was done with the understanding that most users opt for more feature-rich plugin suites like FabFilter or Waves, but disappointing nonetheless.

We also have to mention the wonderfully implemented new Logic Remote.  Downloadable onto your iPad, this app gives access to full mixer controls, the Logic sound library, and even the control of the instruments themselves, through some very ingenious multi-touch controls.  Also included are all the transport and basic editing controls you’d expect from an app of this kind.  Best of all, the Logic Remote app is FREE.

Logic Remote for iPhone and iPad

Logic Remote

Despite a few limitations, the Logic Pro X upgrade seems to introduce tons of new features while maintaining just about everything that made Logic Pro 9 endearing to so many artists like Tiesto and Above & Beyond.  The app is available on the Mac App Store for the incredibly reasonable price of $199 (no upgrade pricing).  This also includes Mainstage 3, an updated version of Apple’s live music performance software.  Click here for more details or click here to purchase!

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