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The pros and cons of popularity for Odesza (Opinion)

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Odesza have come a long way since their independent album release in 2012. In the past 8 years, the duo from Seattle have toured The Corners of The Earth. The package deal for worldwide exposure is cries that they are entering the mainstream.

Mainstream, or sell-out, you could refer simply to pumping out singles that appeal to the majority of the market. With pop-influenced hits like Higher Ground and Line Of Sight, some critics have been quick to turn against Odesza.

Those critics completely ignore the heavy instrumentals on A Moment Apart; tracks like Late Night, La Ciudad, Boy and Show Me. These instrumentals prove that Odesza are holding onto their roots, producing more than pop-friendly singles.

Avoiding the mainstream

Furthermore, the duo is careful about the festivals they play. They could gain even more fans from Paradiso, EDC, and Ultra. Rather, Odesza prefers the exposure from art festivals like Bumbershoot, Coachella, and Bonnaroo. It would seem as though Odesza is actively trying to not participate in the EDM market.

The difference between increased popularity and mainstream is clear. Yes, Odesza and their music have gained exposure to a wider audience. Increased popularity does not mean that Odesza have become mainstream. Their goal has always been to make challenging and exciting music.

In an October 2018 interview Clayton Knight (one half of the Bellingham duo) talked about their upcoming fourth album.

“We’ve been thinking about new music. Not really a record. We’re kind of ready to reinvent ourselves again. Take time without a goal in mind & just try new music,” he described. “The best stuff we’ve ever made was us just goofing around in a basement when we first met.”

Knight explains that Odesza is committed to making music that is different and true to their sound. It’s true that the duo from the Northwest has become massively popular, but they aren’t going to sacrifice their hearts for more money. That being said, the future is exciting for Odesza fans everywhere.

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