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Catching up on new projects with Ørjan Nilsen (Interview)

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Trance DJ and producer, Ørjan Nilsen has many fans around the world, including the Pacific Northwest. Working under Armada Music, Ørjan has released numerous tracks played at many of your favorite festivals. With 3 newly released singles and a brand new album on the way, we see no stopping for Ørjan.

The Devil In The Detail is Ørjan’s 4th album, it will be released on Ørjan’s very own label In My Opinion on October 18. We had the chance to chat with Ørjan on his upcoming album, production class and more. Check out the full interview below.

Photo: Listen Up

DMNW: You are releasing your 4th album in October, what can fans expect? 

Ørjan Nilsen: Diversity! The idea of this album came from the fact that even after releasing my album ‘’Prism’’ last year, I still had too many ideas and music to put out there. So I was already on a roll, so might as well just go for a second one! The title comes from the fact that even though there are so many different genres in the album, so many different takes on dance music, you can still hear me and my signature sounds in each one of these productions. I have spread my wings as wide as I could and I hope people would like it!

DMNW: What makes this album different from your previous ones?

Ørjan Nilsen: Whereas all albums I have released so far are somewhat diverse, this one is even more than that. You can hear everything in it, my usual trance melodies, some future house, even some breakbeat! The vocalists I have worked with are absolutely next level and have really brought the love for vocals out of me!

DMNW: Which artists have been your inspiration lately? 

Ørjan Nilsen: Really been digging Axwell’s retro style lately and the dirtiness of Magnificence! Plus a lot of cool stuff is coming from Husman lately, like his take on trance!

DMNW: Your album release party will be during ADE, how is crazy is that going to be? 

Ørjan Nilsen: So crazy that we have 11 DJs playing alongside myself. I call for many impromptu b2b’s, lots of good vibes and a sweaty full house! I heard we are close to selling out, which makes it even more exciting. It is the first time ever I am hosting an album release party, so trust me, I am going all in!

DMNW: You just taught a master production class in Amsterdam, tell us about that experience!

Ørjan Nilsen: Yes indeed, the second installment of the Armada University and FaderPro! It was really fun, deconstructed and explained my remix of Loud Luxury’s ‘’Body”, as well as some sound design stuff! Although both times I’ve done masterclasses for them, I’ve been ridden with the flu. Note to self: Next masterclass, one month of heavy vitamin C consumption! I will also be teaching music at ADE!

DMNW: Will you be doing more master production classes in the future? 

Ørjan Nilsen: Quite sure I will, who knew I’d love teaching this much! Maybe something for the future for me as well!

DMNW: For new trance fans, if you had to show them one song of yours, which would it be? 

Ørjan Nilsen: Well, since I have a new album, if I was gonna show them one trance track? Samhain would be the one! Though that one hasn’t really been played out yet, so people are yet to hear it 😉

DMNW: What shows are you most looking forward to in the near future? 

Ørjan Nilsen: Every single one of them!! Seriously, going on gigs, especially album tours, is really rewarding! I have a 3-week US tour coming up and also a couple of European dates. It is actually nice to be back in Europe, I have done a lot of North America and Asia this year, whereas Europe seems to be cooling off dance music-wise.

DMNW: Any last words you would like to say to your Pacific Northwest (Seattle) fans? 

Ørjan Nilsen: Well first of all, whenever I’m over there the support is so amazing! I actually have just as much family there as I have in Norway! Like family family! And I think that has expanded in the past 6 years too! Love you guys and I will be seeing you sooner than you think!

What questions would you have asked Ørjan? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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