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Party Thieves' Jared McFarlin at Goldrush Music Festival


Party Thieves Talks Life Before Music and Upcoming Projects (Interview)

The man that is stealing all the parties with his tunes, Party Thieves, made an appearance at the inaugural year of Gold Rush Festival in Arizona. Kicking the party off early on the first day of the festival. Head bangers and trap music lovers crowded the stage and started multiple mosh pits. The trap DJ from New York has been supported by dance music big names such as RL Grime, Skrillex, Flosstradamus and more.

Recently releasing his remix of Zomboy’s Young and Dangerous. Party Thieves is dropping hits from remixes to originals and climbing his way up the chart. Party Thieves is showing us a brand new dimension with trap music. We had the chance to chat with the man himself about his music and his life before Party Thieves. Check out the full interview below.

DMNW: What did you think about the inaugural year of Gold Rush Festival? Did you get the chance to walk around?

PT: This festival was awesome. Such great energy and an amazing setup!

DMNW: How did you decide that trap was the genre of EDM that you wanted to pursue?

PT: I have always been a fan of urban music and trap was a lane that really fit that for me.

DMNW: What do you think you would be doing right now if you were not making music? You were in the military academy so would you have taken that route?

PT: If I didn’t get injured at school, I had always wanted to be in the NFL. Same goes for serving. If I had not gotten injured, that’s probably where I would have ended up.

DMNW: What genre of music inspires you the most outside of EDM?

PT: I love rap and hip-hop. I love just sitting in the studio and creating beat after beat.

DMNW: When you choose songs to remix, such as the Zomboy track that you just put out, how do you decide what track to use?

PT: For official remixes for the most part I am either hit up by the artist or my team will be contacted by their team. I don’t usually put out any bootlegs so unless it’s an official remix, you won’t see me releasing many remixes in general.

DMNW: Why was it so important for you to do the Max Capacity tour and making it free?

PT: I know I didn’t get here by chance. I owe everything to my fans and doing the Max Capacity Tour was my way of showing my appreciation.

DMNW: Is that something you will make a tradition of as you grow?

PT: It is definitely something myself and my team will like to grow, for sure. Maybe it’s already being planned!!??

DMNW: Any plans for big collaboration coming up?

PT: I have a lot of cool records coming off my Anarchy EP. My next release with Basko, ‘One Zero Zero’ is a dope record we did together. Keep a lookout for Basko, he’s next.

DMNW: What are some new projects/music you have coming up?

PT: My Anarchy EP is next. First record, ‘Anarchy’ dropped mid November and I have 3 more records coming off it! Big tour coming with it!

What is your favorite song by Party Thieves? Let us know in the comments below!


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Dance Music NW will notify you when there is breaking news in the Pacific Northwest nightlife industry.