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PK Sound Wants to Play Capture The Flag with You This Summer

The venerable PK Sound, a staple part of Shambhala Music Festival, has always stood for excellence in audio technology. The PK logo is an instantly recognizable and honorable a badge for festival posters all across North America. With so many festivals on their 2017 schedule, you can bet they’ll be spending a ton of time on the road this summer. To combat the inevitable boredom, PK Sound just announced it’s plans to play a very large game of capture the flag (#kapturethepkflag) with just about anyone who cares to play with them.

Between scheduled festival dates, PK will be placing flags that will be visible from the roads they travel. They will also be leaving clues about the flag’s whereabouts on their Facebook Page to help guide the search. On September 1st, after participants capture all the flags, PK Sound will send out prize packs to all the flag holders. There is no word yet as to what those prize packs will contain, but given PK’s record, you just know it’s going to be something worth having.

In preparation, and to give our loyal DMNW readers a leg up in this competition, we’ve created a map that outlines PK Sound’s potential route. PK already stated that the first flag is between their Alberta offices and Bass Coast. Based on this clue we have constructed the following map.


  • A: PK Sound’s Alberta Offices
  • B: Bass Coast
  • C: Astral Harvest
  • D: Electric Love
  • E: Shambhala
  • F: Motion Notion


  • Between Point A  & Point B: July 1st to 7th  be on the look out  on the Trans-Canada Highway between Calgary and Merritt BC.
  • Between Point B & Point C: July 10th to 14th flags might be found along BC Highway 5 and 16 between Merritt BC and Driftpile Alberta
  • Between Point C & Point D: July 18th to 28th the PK team will be backtracking down HWY 16 and 5 going past Merritt and rejoining the Trans-Canada before getting to Agasiz BC.
  • Between Point D & Point E:  August 1st to 11th one might search whindy HWY 3 between Agasiz BC and Salmo BC.
  • Between Point E & Point F: August 15th to 24th there is a high chance of flags along HWY 95 between Salmo BC and Golden BC

Happy hunting! Hopefully this breakdown will help some lucky DMNW reader get one of those sweet, sweet PK Sound Prize Packs.

Where are you looking forward to seeing PK most this year? Are you attending any of the festival checkpoints on the list? Let us know in the comments!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!