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Photo by Tyler Hill | — at Q Nightclub.
Photo by Tyler Hill | — at Q Nightclub.


Local PNW venues rally together in spite of event cancellations

With no foreseeable end in sight for live music cancellations, the Pacific Northwest has taken a hard look at the future for nightclubs throughout the region. Shy of magically returning to a normal cash flow with live events, we’re forced to play other cards to support our favorite venues.

As the broader national music landscape transitions to online fundraisers, local industry players have to find a creative way to keep up or risk permanently shutting down. Thankfully, there’s an abundance of northwest venues, and musicians, stepping up to the plate.

Clubs and promoters schedule virtual concerts, fundraisers

First in the recovery attack plan, several clubs in the northwest are launching virtual concert fundraisers. Following a wider national trend, this is a great way for the northwest to support our local venues.

  • Nectar Lounge, Seattle hosted its’ third live-stream concert over the weekend. Additionally, check out Nectar’s donation page, providing resources for their staff and community.
  • Kremwerk, Seattle has a live-stream this Friday, April 10th, hosted by Noise Complaint. Who’s ready for some house music goodness?!

  • Red Cube Events, Portland invites local artists to perform guest mixes at their HQ and release the sets later on their SoundCloud. Additionally, you can donate on Red Cube’s streaming Twitch page here.[0]=68.ARBmYhIJSW1ATI_It7voZLFhdrMrgrBB00KEksyVE2jpFRO5ehEMXuPTua_0Nbu9KLznoV4955pBjHnS4p136MWhHYUjpSjrtQvdqqQLYwiPigEdUUNHFHOsDduOvwx0wAhedlz7GcTfB4R0AncRSfgVgpm3mjG2ajyXeiP1SSkyaMFv2KBJ_17_EfO5Y5helyFSFygDVfFvm1YBEjQVcNBKwTvaS36Mt3i60xgzTdCdcI4jeDn02iUhdwL59Q7753DlhOiCMFdH3bgVodA9E9Hi-Cjp-GAP74QyorzAMdYX_SedmDpNVfJAn0_CAAZVcwkac1T2YJGqwMUNGqgl1WiSnw&__tn__=-R

  • Re-Bar, Seattle holds weekly drum and bass sessions in their bunker Tuesday nights. Now streaming on Twitch, you can also find their donation page on the site. Demonstrating the community’s love for music, Re-Bar has successfully raised $15,000 in support during their closure.
  • Neumos, Barboza, and The Runaway have announced all proceeds of Reader‘s new EP on Bandcamp will benefit their staff. Instead of a live show, this is a great way for a local artist to give back through their new music.[0]=68.ARCdJOe_vg53yN7W_WdJdLGnPCY9yLjvFN-RYmewz-EsCPjcDWHO2r4TKrAfF2cq-s0d3r9DkzpCA_FVr8A_TJbeQGvwWw9kTOuezPM1xaORaIqYkPfQdi6h3IIGzEsIxd0sR7Aj93Ljb9sK6z6h4gx-wD23_HOWK5U9_gcaGTyI0Z6cgb3ORuMSfPKgidVxtWSjWvq4itlPkn7HSeRD9sN659jUQvbCg7dnB51nTUcUokVxvVYNi5ir0-Wdti5LFuyS_GUfIQsw5A4UmgtnyJya5jFIgvF5Q3_Ny75gKbmmUALE7Qsnv9FV9VPCmRRnLq78PuSICvMPzODISVDWv4Tzdw&__tn__=-R

New task force established for Washington support

Even with all of these great initiatives, economic fallout from coronavirus is unparalleled. Despite public support, calls for financial relief from the government are mounting. The Washington Nightlife Music Association (WANMA) quickly mobilized as a coalition organized by over 30 venues. Besides providing a unified business owner front, they’re also calling on the public to pressure representatives for cash assistance and other tactics.

Northwest music and nightlife banding together

Although the future of live music events looks bleak for smaller, local venues, the outpouring of community support proves otherwise. Above all, the greatest strength of this region’s musical landscape is the unwavering public appreciation.

So tune into a virtual concert, or partner with WANMA, or consider donating to help our favorite venues when they’re able to put on amazing live shows again.


Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!