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Dance Music Northwest dissects Afrojack's remix of Miley Cyrus' seminal Wrecking Ball


Polarity – Episode 001: Wrecking Ball (Afrojack Remix)

Afrojack remixed Miley Cyrus’ seminal Wrecking Ball, and you could say he achieved mixed results.  On one hand, we have a defense of Dirty Dutch and festival music in all their resplendent glory.  On the other, the logical breakdown of a song that appears to have been thrown together after one too many falls down a flight of stairs.  Shut up Glen.  No, you shut up Nick…AHEM.  Join us and cast your vote below, as we discuss why you should both love and hate Afrojack, for the first installment of our new weekly series, Polarity.


Picture yourself comfortably positioned in the middle of the crowd at Paradiso. Afrojack takes the stage, and you’re ready for some Dirty Dutch. You’re not here for Masterpiece Theatre, or a lesson in advanced music theory. You’re here to dance. He grooves through his set as you bob and weave to every drop. Then the music cuts out. Slowly, strings start to build. They crescendo as the drums kick in, and then everything cuts out once more. All that follows is “I CAME IN LIKE A…” and the hardest, dirtiest drop you could possibly imagine. In the words of Dillon Francis, “CUE FIREWORKS, CUE GIRLS CRYING, CUE MAINSTAGE.” Yes folks, Afrojack has done the seemingly impossible: He’s made Miley Cyrus listenable, and without any twerking at that.

Demo image Nick Cannata-BowmanFeatures Writer


Did he make those strings on an 80s Casio keyboard? I can see him making that horrifying chord progression in his studio. “I have to make the progression different than the original song. I don’t actually want to innovate it. I’ll just make it almost exactly the same and change the chords around. That should do it!” Oh and you pitched down the vocal. That’s cool. Makes sense in the context of the song. Maybe the drop will be better. It’s just kicks. Maybe when the vocal comes it’ll do something cool. Wait…the vocal is playing by itself. There are the strings. They don’t go together at all, do they? He just slapped her vocal right on top of them. Maybe there’s a second drop? Yep. Sounds kinda like the first drop with bigger drums. It’s actually ok. The song is over now. Someone should hit him with a wrecking ball.

Demo image Glendon SearsCTO/Creative Director

What do YOU think? Did Afrojack knock Wrecking Ball out of the park, or should we just walk away?  We’ve heard a lot of remixes of the major Miley track, but none of them have created as much controversy in our offices as this one. Tell us in the comments below: bangin’ Dirty Dutch, or musical mess?

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!