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Polyverse Music’s ‘I Wish’: A Unique Audio Processing Tool (Review)

cred: Polyverse

A couple of months ago we reviewed Manipulator, a powerful plugin from Polyverse Music. Thoroughly impressed, we were excited to get our hands on another well-known digital audio manipulating tool from them, I Wish.

I Wish takes in and uses MIDI information to modulate audio, like Manipulator. While similar to Manipulator in some ways, I Wish has a different realm of applications. Instead of being primarily for vocals or melodic lead lines, it excels as a glitch generator, synthesizer, and freezer. The concept for this unique plugin came from Infected Mushroom’s work on their aptly named track, “I Wish”.

In this song, they manually edited audio for several long days in order to achieve their signature special glitch and pitch effects, which are present throughout the piece. This plugin creates the same effect instantly, instead of being achieved through several days of arduous audio-editing. It saves you your valuable time by helping you speed up the creative process and creating useful, striking, and unique musical ideas.

Not only does I Wish work awesomely, it looks great as well! (cred: Polyverse)

I Wish is both robust and easy-to-use. The GUI was clearly designed for impressive ease-of-use and the presets sound AWESOME. I Wish can also be used as a polyphonic synthesizer, with wavetable oscillators. This allows you to make musical elements from any audio of your choice!

Infected Mushroom and Polyverse have a series of videos about their plugins (including Manipulator) that give you authentic demonstrations of the wide variety of uses their products have. To see more of what I Wish can do we recommend this tutorial video; IM shows the use of I Wish in their hilarious yet hard-hitting song, “Converting Vegetarians 2”.

I Wish is only $99(!) and you can purchase it here, on the Polyverse website. There are also a number of other videos from IM on Polyverse, demonstrating a variety of I Wish’s applications. It’s damningly impressive!

Stay in touch with Polyverse Music and Infected Mushroom and follow them on Facebook!

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