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Porter Robinson Talks On Worlds, His Newfound Sound, and Ghost Producing

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[quote style=”1″ author=”Porter Robinson”]I don’t feel the need to like make people choose between EDM and my new music, and I also don’t have any aspirations to change the game or change the genre at all.[/quote]

Porter Robinson opened up and shared some intimate details on his forthcoming album Worlds during Zane Lowe’s Fan Club, which aired on BBC Radio 1 last Tuesday. We’ve been held in a state of suspended intrigue ever since the release of Sea Of Voices, which had us wading in a pool of emotional depth at 64 BPM. Although his new found style sounds nothing like his colossal dance hit Language, we welcomed it for its sheer and subtle beauty – EDM or not.

[quote author=”Porter Robinson”]If you try to evaluate this thing as an EDM album, it’s not going to make sense.[/quote]

Porter Robinson - Worlds and Ghost Producing

The young producer taking dance music in a whole new direction.

During the interview last Tuesday, the 21 year old prized American producer beautifully elaborated on embracing a more organic writing style when working on Worlds. In response to the pressures of keeping pace with his fellow electronic music making peers he shared:

[quote author=”Porter Robinson”]When I first started with this, I was really thinking inside the box, and my goal was to match my idols, and I think that’s kind of a limiting way to try and make music. And then I think my goal became to try and beat my idols. Now, I think it’s just to ignore my idols and to make music that’s real personal. To me that’s a much better way to go about writing music – because it’s liberating. Nobody has all the same influences and experiences as you do, and if you really look deeply inward you’re gonna find new sounds, and you’ll find emergent styles that [by] replicating your idols you’ll never land on.[/quote]

Well said Porter. As of now, the release date for Worlds has not yet been announced, but we do know that the album will include 12 all new tracks that will reflect on Porter’s latest inspirations, and we’re excited nonetheless!


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