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How to Beat That Post-Weekend Hangover Like a Champ

We’ve all been “the most hungover we could ever possibly be”. But sometimes… we just go a little too hard in the mother-effin’ paint. We’ve talked to many souls that have fought this uphill battle, and perused google to the very last page… with that being said, here at DMNW we’ve compiled a list of the best possible hangover cures to bring hope to your grim post-weekend outlook. So kick back, relax, and hold on to that trash can. Relief will be here shortly.

1. The obvious

First on the docket is everyone’s favorite clear, flavorless beverage: Water. Now, H2O can rehydrate you, but it’s important you drink it in reasonable quantities throughout your day. Tather quickly, were onto the next item that you would cup a handful of and gulp down with that oh so glorious H20, Ibuprofen. This little pill can be bought in bulk at many stores, and even those sketchy gas stations… hallelujah.

How Ibuprofen actually works is that it blocks those pesky little pain receptors that send signals to other parts of your brain that are screaming bloody murder, and reduces the inflammation, thus relieving your headache. A word of warning though: Since you probably already put your poor liver through the ringer the night before, limit your Ibuprofen dosage to what the label recommends for daily usage.

2. The slightly-less-obvious

The second, not-so-bizarre, but we personally swear by: Pedialyte. This little gem is inexpensive, and comes in a variety of flavors. It can be found in the infant isles of your local grocery store. What this glorious liquid is full of is pure electrolytes. Those electrolytes will rush through your body, delivering your cells what it needs to fight off the alcohol. We also like to take this as a prerequisite to a big party, rave or festival, and continue drinking it in reasonable quantities throughout, especially in those extreme climates where dehydration is a factor. If Pedialyte’s not your thing, coconut water is also a great way to replenish those lost electrolytes the morning after.

3. The “so crazy they just might work”

While looking around, we came across some rather bizarre ways that potentially cure your hangover. The first… “rubbing lemon slices on your armpits”. Its found that people in Puerto Rico actually do this, because the people think that it will ‘counteract dehydration’. Over at ELLE Magazine, someone had actually tried this method, and found that it actually did work! So take this under advisement for when you’re out traipsing around all over The Gorge, and maybe, just maybe, you will beat that feeling of death in the morning.

Some other beverage concoctions we came across (prepare yourselves) are definitely not for a weak stomach. For instance, through our research, one drink caught our attention: it’s called a Bull’s Eye, and it sounds…well, awful. Basically, you take one raw egg and drop it in a glass of orange juice. This drink is supposed to double as a source of both protein and Vitamin C, although it’s certainly not the tastiest way to do so. For the truly bold of heart, you can also drop a raw egg in your Bloody Mary.

So if you’re sitting there, feeling like death, just stand up and walk over to your fridge and grab a cold one. If you happen to start gagging, hold your nose and keep praying to the gods of hangovers to have mercy on your poor soul. We truly hope that you find some comfort soon, and definitely do not be afraid to try some of these out!

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