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Press play on Lane 8’s 3rd album before his sold out Seattle, Vancouver and Portland Shows

Lane 8’s 3 shows in the Pacific NW on February 20, 21 and 22 are completely sold out. There are no more tickets available in Portland, Seattle or Vancouver. This is all in celebration of Lane 8’s new album Brightest Lights, released on January 10, 2020. The full album was distributed on Lane 8’s independent This Never Happened label.

The 13 track album is beautiful. A third artist album is an interesting position. For Lane 8 we don’t think he was trying to outdo any of his previous work. Little by Little (2018) and Rise (2015) are masterpieces. The goal with Brightest Lights was progression. Carving a new sound. Throughout you can listen for what could be referred to as a “Brightest Lights,” sample pack.

Standout Tracks:

The two lead singles Brightest Lights (feat Poliça) and Don’t Let Me Go (feat Arctic Lake) are the standout lyrical tracks. They were released earlier for the live sing-along. Study up so we can all sing in unison! We want to take this opportunity to analyze 2 completely new tracks released on January 10.

Shooting Arrows (Feat Poliça) –
Poliça is a four-piece band that previously collaborated with Lane 8 for No Captain. Channy Leaneagh sings lead vocals in Poliça and it is her voice you hear in Shooting Arrows, The Rope, and the Brightest Lights title track.

The theme for Lane 8’s third album is well established as a celebration of light, fluffy, and happy moments. Shooting Arrows celebrates but in a different way. Poliça sings, “Shooting arrows that never land.” A metaphor for a person seeking a relationship and failing.

Shooting Arrows celebrates the truth that some relationships just aren’t meant to be. Lane 8 mentioned, “embracing the ups and downs.” Shooting Arrows could represent a lower moment. The instrumental is melancholy and could symbolize a peaceful acceptance.

The Rope (feat Poliça) –
More lyrics to dig into from Poliça. The final track on Brightest Lights is a complete celebration of love. The title almost sounds dramatic, but it refers to a rope jump of some kind. Possibly at a fire station.

“I was so damn sad ’til I found you/// ‘Til I found you ///And I would lose my way ///A hundred times a day down the rope

and then the chorus…

“You make me happy and that’s hard to do/// You make me happy and that’s hard to do”

We are the Brightest Lights

Fluffy is the best way to describe Lane 8’s third studio album. Perhaps it was intentional for Lane 8 to deliver a bright and sunny album at the peak of winter. Groundhog Day, the intro track, marks a superstitious end to winter. Lane 8 created his own sunshine during the darkest time of our calendar year.

Have you listened to Lane 8’s new album? Did you snag tickets in time to either of his Pacific NW shows? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter when you are caught up on all the hype.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!