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New Music and Production Tips with Paradiso Star QUIX (Interview)

You have probably seen the name QUIX on lineups within the past few years. QUIX is a producer and DJ from New Zealand. From wonky beats to unique sound design, QUIX is bringing something new to the table in the bass music scene.

After starting out his career performing at small intimate clubs, through time and dedication QUIX has made his way to performing at many music festivals. This year the Pacific Northwest got a fair a share of QUIX. From destroying the Wreckage stage at Paradiso to performing an insane set at Foundation on a Wednesday night. QUIX’s collaboration with Boombox Cartel, Supernatural, played on repeat at festivals since its release.

We caught up with QUIX recently to chat about his inspiration, new collaborations, and tips for up and coming artists. Check out the full interview below!

Photo: Tingting Wu

You are going on tour in India soon, have you done a show there? What are you most excited about?

QUIX: No, I’ve never done a show there before. I’m really excited to go because there is a lot of people in India that are really hyped to see me which is super weird. Just imagine you see me do this thing semi proficiently and then half of India, just kidding not half of India haha, but a whole bunch of people in another country that are like “come to my country and play music for us”, it’s super weird but it’s an amazing feeling and I’m super stoked to go.  I hear and see my friends like Party Thieves go and turn up there, everyone there is throwing down and it’s wild.

What is something new that you are trying to bring to the bass music scene?

QUIX: That’s a really good question. I reckon, every single artist is evolving, I’ve evolved in the last couple of years. I feel like the last year I’ve gone heavier and more hybrid, playing more dubstep at my shows. Whereas when I started I played wonky and minimal kind of beats. The last year I’ve stepped into hybrid but now I’m trying to bring it back to where I started where it was minimal but also bring in that hybrid feel. I’m trying to bring hybrid and minimal which is weird because it’s like you are bringing hard and soft into the same picture but I think it can be done and we can find a medium which could be a cool new place and have a new sound evolve.

What are 3 top non-bass artists that inspire your music?

QUIX: Oh man, can Porter Robinson count? Because I am in love with melody and making the best chord progressions and having something that is pleasing to listen to and Porter kills it. Every one of his shows and every one of his songs is like an anthem and I want to try and add an anthem vibe. So, Porter, jeez I listen to a lot of bass music. I listen to a lot of heavy metal bands that kind of inspire me, like A Day To Remember. Really good inspiration, their style and drops and breakdowns. I was also brought up by U2 from my dad and probably back in the day listening to that kind of stuff. Just listening to the U2 kind of sounds, inspired some of what I do now, musically.

I’m surprised that you said Porter because he’s very different from what you are doing!

QUIX: It is, it is very different. There is something crazily special about what he does that is popping and clicking and that’s why he is who is he. And I remember listening to Porter when he was doing crazy wobble bass house.

For DJs who are just starting out, what tips do you have for producing music?

QUIX: If you are dedicated and making moves, there are going to be a lot of people that will be telling you what and what not to do. There will be a lot of managers and promoters and music industry people just telling you what to do and that can either be really good or really bad. As a producer, you don’t want to fit in the cookie cutter vibe of everybody else. You don’t want to sound like everybody else, look like everybody else and you being the same gingerbread man shape as everybody else. You want to invent yourself in a new way. Taking advice and not taking advice is very important. Try and be yourself as much as possible. I found a way that I was able to be myself the most was because I didn’t get anyone to teach me how to use Fruit Loops (FL Studio). I kind of discovered it all by myself, therefore I learned it on my own, my own patterns, my own ways of doing things, my own structures and formulas, making sounds and sampling. People are surprised when I say I am still discovering how to do stuff. It’s always your learning that counts towards making your sound, because if you’re the one that taught yourself, then no one else can recreate your doing.

Many up and coming artists struggle with creating a fan base. Any advice for building up a fan base?

QUIX: Haha I suck at it so much. I’m so bad at the whole PR and branding thing. That’s a tough one because I was never really good at it. Like back in the day I would have said let the music speak for itself. If there were talent, people will see it and they will recognize it. That’s partly true and not always the case. There is certain elements of branding and things you need to do to connect with your audience. All my friends have like over 100K followers on stuff and I’m like on what, 15K or something like that. I am definitely still growing mine. I think the main thing is to create a fan base that is genuinely excited about your music. Have authentic people who are engaging with you on social media, because they are the best kind of fans to have. I’d rather have all that than some random old dude who’s like “ooo I like that one song you made” and press “Like” and then never checks it again.

We can’t go without asking this. Any new projects or collaborations coming up that fans should know about?

QUIX: Yes, I have a track with What So Not, the Run remix, that we are working really hard on finishing and that’s going to be out really soon. I just released one with KRANE the other day called Next World. I finished a collaboration with Slumberjack and Josh Pan which is really cool. I’m working on a couple of originals. A Chainsmokers remix that’s an official one, which is really cool because the Chainsmoker boys are down with the remix and they like it. Hopefully they play it out at their set haha. My release schedule is that all of it will be out and over by mid December. Then I will probably be working on another EP after that.

Have you ever seen QUIX live? Let us know in the comments below!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!