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Raves: Facts And Fiction For The New Beginners

You’re waiting in line with no less than 85,346 other ravers. You’re not a raver, though, you just want to see what this whole scene is about.

You wonder why no one is wearing clothes and you’re covered head to toe. Only your forearms are showing. Had you really been expecting it to be cold inside? Where did all of these people come from?! You skip back to your outfit. Next time you should definitely get ready with girls. Guys always say you should wear less clothing. Who knew they were right this time.

They do security checks at these things? You can’t bring in signs? What?

You’re slightly buzzed, and ready to dance, but the whirlwind of just getting inside the event has you ready to double-back and get into the car.

Are there drugs here? Are you going to get trampled?

A few more moments of bizarre, uncontrolled questions pop into your head as you’re rushed through security and, finally, you are ushered inside. This is a completely new world, as it seems. And suddenly, all of your worries and doubts fall away.

Twisted Big Top Freaknight Mega Feature

If you can remember your first rave, perhaps your feelings were something like that. Maybe not. Or maybe, you have yet to experience a rave. Rest-assured, if you have the tiniest desire to go to a rave, you should, and you will love it. Those who simply judge the culture and have never experienced it will never understand the true meaning of “raving,” and will only continue to warn against something they know nothing about.

The fear of the unknown keeps people from doing something new, especially when it means going to a rave for the first time. But once you commit and you’re determined to try something new, the fear will fade and excitement will surely ensue.

Once inside the doors, it is literally: A. Whole. New. World. Freaknight was slightly spooky with the goblins and ghouls roaming around, but the people were far from scary. They showed a genuine compassion and love, kindness, and concern for one another – some of which are so scarcely seen outside the rave doors.

But don’t misinterpret this new world. It is not perfect. There are always downfalls in human nature, even in the rave culture. There are drugs around, and they are sure to be noticed if you’re looking for them, as with any club or nightlife scene. However, If you are there for the sole purpose of music and the experience, your eyes will see far past the drugs and onto the positive things.

Inside this world of DJ’s, artists and fans, there is a culture – a family – that prides itself on four primary mantras: peace, love, unity and respect: P.L.U.R.

What. The. Heck. Is. “P.L.U.R.”? It’s one of the rave world’s best kept secrets.

Overall it’s a pretty basic idea. P.L.U.R. is equivalent to the peace sign back in the 60’s. It is a way of living that the majority of ravers choose to live by.

Pretty Lights streams his San Francisco show live

So now that you have a bit more of a background on today’s rave culture, here are some facts and fictions of the rave scene that you should definitely know.

The Facts:
-Raves are a judgement free environment
-There are all types of music to choose from
-Potential new (even best) friends are going to be found here
-Everyone who attends raves are uniquely different and wonderful
-Raves are typically a great place for good energy and positive vibes
-There are endless festivals and events all around the world, and all over the Northwest(Freaknight, Resolution, Lucky, Paradiso,  Electronic Daisy Festival, Ultra, the list goes on and on)

*Bonus Fact: Your shoes will get ruined, so wear something comfortable and that you’re not too fond of. Especially if you want to get anywhere near the stage.

The Fiction:
-Raves are just a fad
-Raves are dangerous
-All EDM sounds the same
-People over 25 are too “old” to rave
-Raves revolve around drugs
-If you go to a rave you will probably overdose or see someone else overdose


Now for some pro-tips for new ravers:

There are some things a new raver wouldn’t necessarily think of, like hydration. 10-15 minute breaks periodically to cool down and get water are key. It’s easy to get lost in the music and have no grasp on time, whether you’re doing drugs or not. Getting a water bottle and finding a refill station or two needs to be a top priority – especially in the summer months. Another pro-tip is to take a bit of time to learn the area early on. Walk around, figure out where things are (bathrooms, water stations, medical tent), and pick a designated place for you and your friends to meet. That is another must. Who knows if a friend’s phone will die or get lost, so DO bring your phone to help stay connected. After all, you’ll probably want to capture these moments on camera and exchange information with new friends. Another pro-tip is to know the set times and who you want to see, or at least a loose plan to go by. And finally, always make sure to go to raves with people you trust and who will stay with you. Raves can have tens of thousands in attendance.

To reiterate the downfall, raving is not a perfect system, yet. There are drugs, which naturally parents would be most concerned about, especially if their child is a minor. But raves put on by USC in the Northwest have a Conscious Crew, a group of volunteers who commit their time and energy to ensure your safety at events. USC and the Conscious Crew started The Message, a founding principle to uphold while taking part in their events. Collectively, USC, the Conscious Crew and the rave family are helping preserve and take care of the scene.

The Message is a movement about personal safety, knowing your limits, staying hydrated, and taking care of each other. Rave culture is known for being a party scene, but it’s time to show that we are more than that. We are a family, and we take care of each other.” -Sam Yeska, DMNW Writer

Now that you know a little bit about the rave experience – some facts, fiction and The Message, dare to face your fears and see that EDM artist you secretly love.

You’ll fall more in love with the music and experience a whole new culture that you will want to adopt as your own. Welcome to the P.L.U.R. Family.

raves dont judge


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!