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Inside Re:New, Portland’s Premier Underground NYE Celebration

Re:New has been in the works for some time. But, when Đår teasingly asked Living Prism patrons whether or not they would be interested in a New Year’s Eve event, the response clearly indicated this would be a celebration to remember. Living Prism, and its helmsman, Đår Sernoff, has been steadily bringing a widely diverse range of acts through our corner of the world. We last wrote about them after attending Down the Rabbit Hole, one of Portland’s favorite annual events. Since then, the group hosted Deya Dova from Australia and put on an intimate gathering with PNW favorite, Ayla Nereo. The announcement of Re:New, being held at Bossanova Ballroom, inspired a lot of anticipation for what the crew would be brining. Now that the details have dropped, we can say for sure this will be an intensely fulfilling way to celebrate the passing of 2016.

The musical lineup for Re:New is headed by the supremely sexy, soulful, and electronically driven hip-hop of Lafa Taylor. As a local to Eugene, you can expect the fam to be out en masse. The Beat Chef himself, JPOD, will be bringing his diverse blend of smile-inducing tuneage. Nico Lumionus’ trippy trap will no doubt keep things sultry and scandalous. And you can expect those subwoofers to be working over time with the tribal bass of Applecat, Synchromystica (the debut project of Mr. Moo & Art of Fact), and Tongue & Groove. Finally, after playing many other events across the West Coast, Đår himself will be behind the decks for a much anticipated ‘spiritual gangsta’ set. Have a listen below to find out what you are in for.

From their inception, Living Prism has been setting the gold standard for how to diversify the experience. By taking it far beyond DJs playing music, they create an immersive environment for people to express themselves and become fully invested in the night. On this go around, you can expect to see art come alive in a multitude of ways.

If visionary, psychedelic art excites you, Living Prism has got your back. The centerpiece of Re:New, the stage, is being designed by Ghoststag, who never fails to deliver the perfect platform for performing. And if you happen to already be a PDX partygoer, you have probably seen Chaz Lake’s vibrant, often times otherworldly artwork displayed and/or being worked on live. The UV reactive paints Chaz uses to express his vision awaken that alien inside all of us. Miles Toland, a world-renowned urban contemporary artist, will be painting living on the stage as well as creating an immersive gallery throughout the venue. His recent works blend the sacred with the street through a uniquely beautiful take on portraits and profiles. The “psychedelic meets urban” motif is a perfect description of Living Prism, so having Miles there is a natural fit.

Re:New Portland

Left: Miles Toland, “Star Gaze”; Right: Chaz Lake

For Down the Rabbit Hole, Living Prism brought the Wanderlust Circus, who performed wondrous feats of strength and magic live on stage. So how can Re:New follow that up? Fire! And lots of it. Lucky for you, Bossanova Ballroom is one of the only venues in Portland that allows indoor fire dancing. Ecstatic Fire will be celebrating with you, twirling a hypnotic frenzy of flames. And as if that were not enough art through movement, Living Prism is adding two more visionaries in their field: Adrian Lobo with his pop and lock mastery and Sunny Sutra’s divine flow.

Want a unique keepsake of the night? There will be a beautifully bizarre bazaar. If you want to chill out and meet new people, look forward to a tea lounge equipped with more pillows than a sultan’s palace. And to remember the night forever… well, we can’t exactly guarantee that, but in case you need a little reminder, DaBooth and their fancy photo booth will be there to capture you and your crew in style.

If hearing all this intrigues you and you want this energy surrounding the ceremonious night, then you should find yourself at Re:New when the clock strikes midnight in Portland. Elevate the successes and stomp out the struggles of 2016; set your intentions for 2017 and come celebrate! Check out the Facebook event here and grab tickets now while you still can!


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Josh fell in love with Trance at USC's Resolution 2012. It's all been downhill from there as the obsession has grown to a full time hobby in seeking out interesting music across the dance music spectrum and attending crazy parties across the globe.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!