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Was The Long Line Worth It At Resolution Festival 2019? (Review)

Resolution main stage 2019
Photo by Turk Photos I

Resolution has been around for as long as EDM became popular in the PNW and even before that, the classic PNW dance music lover’s way to end the new year. This year, the festival was held at the WaMu Theatre on actual New Year’s Eve. We have been to more than a handful of Resolution Festivals to give you a spill of our experience.


Not the best start to the night. Usually, at USC massives and festivals, the line at WaMu takes around 30-45 minutes to clear. This year the lines, for some, approached the two-hour mark. One reason why? Porter Robinson was set to perform at 7:30 p.m., with a flight to catch to California not long after for another show.

Add in freezing weather, and cutters, and the line situation was not fun, to say the least. Security was also more strict than we routinely experience – but we won’t complain about this part. Everyone wants to be safe.

Set Up/Production

Every year USC does a great job with Resolution, decorating WaMu in brilliant gold and white colors. There were lights, streamers, and dancers right when entering the venue, getting the crowd hyped for the night. The main stage was in the main room and the bass stage was in the side room.

There was also a silent disco playing, full of local DJs and producers, but it was a little harder to find. USC and Unity collaborated this year and made the VIP areas better than years before. The VIP upstairs had couches for better viewing, glitter bars, and photo booths. As for production, it was great per usual. Lasers, CO2, and LEDs filled the room to give everyone a great last show of 2018 to remember.

VIP area at Resolution 2019

Photo by Turk Photos I


For all the 21-year-olds, there were multiple bar areas throughout the venue. The bar areas also were very spacious giving the 21+-year-olds more room to dance. By the bathroom area, there were also many vendors this year present at Resolution. From rave eyewear to clothing items, there was something colorful for everyone to look at.

As usual, the meet and greet was another great hit for the fans. USC does a great job connecting dance music fans to their favorite artists by picking out a couple of meet and greet artists for every large festival they have.


The music this year was great. The night usually starts off slow since the bigger artists do not play until later, but with Porter Robinson playing at 7:30, it broke the routine (in a good way). The crowd was ready to go early in the night and everyone was ready to party and end 2018 the right way.

Anna Lunoe, Sullivan King, Skism B2B Trampa, and Seven Lions seemed to be some of the fan favorites for the night. As for the Diplo’s countdown to New Years? He played the classic New Year’s anthem Auld Lang Syne at the countdown, that led into Losing It by Fisher.

Photo by Turk Photos I


Despite long lines at entry, Resolution was great this year. The countdown was not the most “feelsy” thing in the world, but it was something we can all look back on and smile about. Resolution never seems to disappoint no matter what the lineup is. Will we be back for Resolution 2020, and was the long line worth it? 100%.

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