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Festival Problems: All of the Toughest Set-Time Conflicts of Shambhala 2016

Shambhala 2013

Many major festivals take place when summer seems to be at its peak, but Shambhala Music Festival rewards those willing to wait just a bit longer each year. While the wait, filled with pictures and sets from other fantastic events, may feel like it lasts longer than it actually does, there are some perks. Many of the best perks involve how well Shambhala is organized, and the way they release information about the event.

Far in advance of the early-August festival, we’re treated to a full stage-by-stage lineup, set-times, and more. This year is no different, and as each bit of Shambhala-related information is released, we know we’re closer to returning home. Last week, Shambs released the official set-times for the 2016 festival this fall, and every attendee knows that set-time conflicts will arise.

Every major festival worth the price of the ticket we’re undoubtedly paying has conflicts, and if they don’t, they may have a few problems. There are many reasons festivals have, and create, these set-time conflicts, but there’s only one reason that really matters. The fact that there are a high number of quality artists, and the slots available to fill them. If a festival has a lot of great artists performing at a lot of stages, regardless of the set-times, things are okay.

Despite the obvious reasoning for these conflicts, it doesn’t make them any easier to handle. Yet, we must. And, if we’re being honest, we really love it. Finding a reason to daydream about Shambhala less than a month out isn’t difficult, and figuring out how much of Stickybuds and Boys Noize we’re going to see is as good as any. So, we broke down some of the most difficult conflicts we can’t wait to settle at The Farm this summer. You can check out the set-times here via the official Shambhala Music Festival site.

Friday Conflicts

The first full day of sets at Shambhala 2016 offers-up plenty of difficult decisions to be made. These tough choices don’t get any easier, as three stages have our attention from 11 p.m. through 3:30 a.m. The Pagoda, The Village, and The Fractal Forest are all stacked, and we’re happy that the stages are within a reasonable distance of one-another. Each stage has a trio of acts performing throughout that chunk of the schedule, and we want to see as many of them as possible.

At The Pagoda, beginning at 11:30 p.m., AlunaGeorge is performing, and followed by Gorgon City and Boys Noize. Beginning at 11 p.m. over at The Village, drum & bass veterans Roni Size & Krust Present Full Cycle is followed by the set we’re looking forward to most in Caspa & Rusko, and then the one-and-only Excision. As if deciding between those two stages all night wasn’t enough, The Fractal Forest features some of our favorite annual Shambhala artists. At 11 p.m., OPIUO is up, while Stickybuds and The Funk Hunters take the stage at 12:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. respectively. We’ll likely end up at The Village a bit more than the rest, but we’ll undoubtedly make time for each of these three stages on Friday of Shambs.

Shambhala 2016 Friday Conflicts

Friday night into Saturday morning at Shambhala 2016: Stacked.

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