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A Journey Through Worlds With Shpongle

[numblock num=”8.5″ style=”3″]Simon Posford of Shpongle took the people of Portland on a fantastic journey through many different lands Saturday night. His mixture of psychedelic beats, world sounds, and amazing new stage set up was uniquely perfect and a breath of fresh air.[/numblock]

The Roseland Theater was certainly the place to be Saturday night. Doors opened at eight and come time for the show to start at nine, the house was packed. Musical due, Desert Dwellers started the night out strong with worldly, downtempo, deep bass that got everyone’s feet in the crowd moving. Even people sitting in the upstairs balcony were quick to join the action. When Desert Dwellers ended their set the audience was eager for more. After a short wait, it was time for Simon Posford of Shpongle to take center stage.

Simon walked out, stepped behind the deck on the brand new Shpongletron 3.0, and the crowed erupted! Instant flashes of color filled the theater and psychedelic trance sounds bounced around from wall to wall. Shpongle promises a journey with every show they put on, and the promise was delivered in full. We danced from Egypt to Mexico and all the way down to Brazil where the samba drums are hot, but the journey did not end there. Next stop was a whole other world of their own, Shpongleland, a land where feet are jiving, booties are shaking, arms are in the air, and smiles are radiating from every face. Looking around it was clear none of us wanted to leave this beautiful new world.

If there is one thing we love, it’s seeing a producer having the time of their lives along with the sea of bodies in the crowd. Looking up and seeing Simon dancing and having more fun than anybody else in the room took the show over the top. He grooved to every psychedelic note that came out of the speakers and set the tone for the whole evening. Cheers never ceased throughout the night. When it was finally time for the evening to come to a close, everyone was able to go home happy, but readily waiting for the next trip to Shpongleland.

[symple_divider style=”solid” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”]The Breakdown:

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I am a lover of all things bass, but funk is what truly holds my heart. Get the tunes rolling and I'll be dancing until the break of dawn. Zumba instructor in my spare time, rollerblading enthusiast, known to rave with cardboard cutouts of GRiZ, non-creepily.....

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