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Skyler Madison
Skyler Madison


‘Chasing Stars’ with Monstercat’s Skyler Madison [DMNW Interview]

Skyler Madison may not be a household name yet, but her success at Monstercat has a left a lasting impression among the bass music collective. An LA-based producer and DJ, Madison has made a name for herself playing top-tier clubs like Hakkasan and Omnia. She has had the opportunity to learn on the go with big crowds cheering her success.

Starting out strictly as a DJ, focused on melodic future bass, she has since transitioned to being a full-time producer first and DJ second. Along with this evolution came a new unique sound called “future trap,” or a mix between future bass, trap, and melodic bass.

With her second track dropping November 29, we had the opportunity to sit down with Skyler to find out what really drives her as a producer and DJ.

DMNW: You’re known for your melodic bass sound; are there other genres or styles you have experimented with or want to try out?

Skyler Madison: Recently, I’ve been diving deep into some hardwave, trap, and drum & bass music. I’ll always stick to my melodic roots, but it’s been awesome to be able to expand my creativity amongst other genres as well! You can definitely expect a wide array of different genres from me coming in 2022.

DMNW: When did you start to really define and refine your melodic bass sound?

SM: I feel like I really started to define my sound within these past two years. After experimenting with various bass sub-genres across the board, I decided to recreate my hybrid genre of  ‘Future Trap,’ a melodic spin on trap music combining Future Bass, Trap, and Melodic Bass music elements.

DMNW: Are you working on anything new right now? Anything you’re truly excited to share with everyone when the time is right?

SM: Actually, there’s a ton of different music I’ve been currently working on that I’m really excited about! You can expect a wide range of new singles, remixes,  collabs, and a new EP in the works!

DMNW: What have been some of your favorite venues, either nationally or internationally, that you really enjoyed playing? Are there any bucket list venues you still wish to play?

SM: Some of my all-time favorite venues I’ve gotten the chance to play would be E11even Miami, Hakkasan Las Vegas, Omnia San Diego, Temple San Francisco, and Beta Denver. I am, however, dying to play a bunch of venues within the US and internationally! Some bucket list spots would be Exchange LA, Echostage DC, Temple Denver, Believe Atlanta, Webster Hall NYC, The Gorge Washington, and Red Rocks, to name a few!

DMNW: Have you met many obstacles or had to overcome hurdles as a female producer/DJ?

SM: Of course, but sadly, there are always hurdles to overcome as a female Producer/DJ within a historically male-dominated industry. But to be honest, that’s what drives me even more and what makes success that much sweeter. I want to use my success to give more women opportunities and use my project to collaborate with other amazingly talented women to hopefully shift the playing field to be a little more equal.  

DMNW: What challenges or triumphs did you encounter when you transitioned from a DJ to a full-time producer and DJ?

SM: I think the biggest challenge from transitioning from a full-time DJ to a  Producer/DJ was recreating myself and my brand as an “artist,” when most people only knew me as a DJ beforehand. I’d say it’s almost like restarting my entire music career over again from a blank slate, but it’s been beyond rewarding so far, and I finally feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

DMNW: Did you find it challenging to be creative and focus on your music during the pandemic, or did it help focus your efforts?

SM: Overall, as inconvenient as the pandemic was for most, I used it to my utmost advantage because I had the time to really own my craft, take the time to completely focus and create, expand and learn, as well as self-reflect. The pandemic was a pivotal moment for me to grow as an artist and experiment within my production, vision, and sound.  

DMNW: Are there any plans to visit the Northwest in the future? We have a huge bass community here. We would love to have you play here sometime!

SM: I’d love to make my way back to the Northwest! Since the pandemic hit, I haven’t been able to tour to either Seattle or Portland, but now I’m even more excited to come back as a reemerged and reinvented artist. I’ll hopefully be back at some point in 2022!

DMNW: How has it been being a part of the amazing Monstercat community?

SM: I absolutely love being a part of the Monstercat community! I feel like I found a wonderful home at the label, and I’ve received nothing but continued support from within their community. Monstercat has been on my radar for years, so to finally be a part of the label truly feels surreal. Expect to see a lot more Monstercat releases from me soon!

You can follow Skyler Madison on Twitter here.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!