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Talking the World of Slime tour, death rail and hugging your mom with Snails (Interview)

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The founding father of vomitstep, Frédérik Durand, whom you may known as Snails, has been bringing the heat to the dance music scene for many years. This Fall, the mayor of Slugtopia is bringing his biggest tour yet to cities across America. One of his first stops? The Pacific Northwest!

Snails is no stranger to Upper Left USA. After stopping in Tacoma for the World of Slime tour last weekend, we had the chance to chat with the French Canadian DJ/producer about his current, and upcoming, projects. Take a look!

DMNW: Which stop on the World of Slime tour are you looking forward to?

Snails: That’s the best part about touring – visiting ALL the cities. I have the best fans. I love being able to visit them in their cities. It has been crazy!

DMNW: How has this tour been different from your past tours?

Snails: My tours are in a constant state of evolution … I like to think that they’re getting bigger and better. It’s always important to me that all my work combines to tell an epic story. WORLD OF SLIME uses the holographic stage to tell the next chapter in SLUGZ’s journey. POV visuals, lazers, fire and props elevate the experience as a whole. Moments for crowd interactions have also been incorporated. You should check it out!

DMNW: What exciting collaborations do you have in the works?

Snails: My newest EP, WORLD OF SLIME will be released in December 2019. So excited for you all to hear the newest KILL THE SNAILS track – it’s always a blast to work with Jake. Carbin, Subtronics … Barely Alive … it’s going to be mental!

DMNW: Who is one up and coming bass artist that everyone should be looking out for?

Snails: Definitely look out for HI IM GHOST! Those guys know what’s up. Proud to have them on the SLUGZ MUSIC roster. Their newly released DEATH RAIL EP is a banger.

DMNW: Can you tell us more about the Sluggernaut comic book? When will we see the next one?

Snails: My music has always been inspired by a story. THE SHELL comic book series allows me to tell that story like never before. Fans can finally explore the world of KING SLUGZ, SLUGGTOPIA and the WURMZ. The second comic book, MISSION: SLUGGTOPIA will be released in November 2019.

DMNW: Any last words for your Pacific Northwest fans?

Snails: Hi Vomitsquad! Check out WORLD OF SLIME. I hope you love it. Also, go hug your mom.

Did you attend World of Slime? What did you think of the show? Let us know in our comments section on Facebook, and Twitter!

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