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Sneak Peek of Dabin’s First Headlining Tour (Interview)

Canadian DJ and producer, Dabin is gearing up to release his second full-length album. The album is called Wild Youth. On top of releasing another album, Dabin will be going on his first ever headlining tour.

Dabin has worked and toured with the Illenium, played at some of the biggest festivals including EDC, Coachella, Shambhala and many more. His new single Alive featuring RUNN was just released. Take a listen for yourself below.

We had the chance to chat with Dabin about his upcoming album, music, tour, his friendship with Illenium and more. Read the full interview below.

DMNW: Can you tell us more about your song Alive featuring RUNN?

Dabin: The interesting thing about Alive is it actually started as an experiment. I was not sure how things would turn out, but that is part of the creative process, trying things out. The goal was to make a big, euphoric anthem with vocals, guitars and other acoustic instruments instead of the usual synths and basslines you hear in future bass or more melodic dubstep tracks. Luckily, it worked out and it is one of my favorite tracks on the LP.

DMNW: You are about to release Wild Youth, what inspired you to write this album?

Dabin: I wanted to write something that was relatable to everyone so I focused on the journey of growing up. Often times, growing up can be a messy process filled with highs and lows, but in the end, it helps define you as an individual. I like to think of our youth as a jungle; this big, beautiful, tangled mess. That is where the idea of “Wild Youth” initially came from.

DMNW: Can you tell us what fans can expect from your new album?

Dabin: Much like Two Hearts, I wanted to give listeners a journey from start to finish, but this time around, I think the journey is much more focused and concise. Fans can expect much more instrumentation and a wider crossover sound. I will always consider myself an electronic music act, but I tried to bring in a wide range of elements from different genres and cultures from across the world.

DMNW: A first-ever headlining tour for you is coming up, do you have any surprises planned for the Dabin fans?

Dabin: Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if I spilled the beans here now would it?

DMNW: Are we going to see more of the LIVE Dabin or DJ Dabin on tour?

Dabin: We’ll be doing the live show everywhere we can. I think there are a few venues that won’t be able to accommodate the live setup, but I’ll still be bringing my guitar to those stripped-down shows.


Photo: Dabin

DMNW: You toured with Illenium throughout 2018, how did this friendships start?

Dabin: I actually met Illenium through Black Tiger Sex Machine. They said that we were both making similar melodic music and that we should link up. I met Illenium in person at Electric Forest and he asked if I wanted to do a remix for his remix LP. We continued to keep in touch and became good friends. The rest is history!

DMNW: You have done some huge collaborations these past few years. Any other ones in the works?

Dabin: I’ve mainly been focusing on the album up until now so no plans as of yet. Now that the album is done though, I’m definitely looking forward to collaborating some more.

DMNW: Who are some artists outside of dance music that inspires your sound?

Dabin: I actually have a lot of inspiration from artists outside of dance music. Tycho, Woodkid, Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver, and Jon Hopkins are all very influential to me.

DMNW: What are some of your favorite shows that you played at this year?

Dabin: EDC was an absolute dream come true. Shambhala was also another dream festival and I had such an amazing time up there.

DMNW: Any last words you would like to add?

Dabin: I’m super excited to share the next piece of my journey with everyone. Wild Youth drops March 22nd and I’ll also be on tour for the album from the end of March to end of April so I hope I can see some of you at the shows!

Are you excited to see Dabin on tour? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!