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Soundcloud aids artists with new direct donation feature

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In the last few weeks, Soundcloud has taken on an important role in the music industry. As music revenue around the world struggles due to ongoing event cancelations, the popular streaming service is placing a large focus on supporting artists. Soundcloud is now offering the ability to add a direct donation button to your artist profile. A new feature of SoundCloud’s larger initiative, the donation link allows fans to directly support the artists they love!

So How Does This Work?

All creators impacted from the coronavirus outbreak are welcome to add SoundCloud’s new financial support link. Rather than questioning each artist’s request, they’ve decided the following: “Let’s agree to use the honor system. If you need it, use it. If you don’t, look across the community and see how you can help those who do.”

Through offering this new aid, SoundCloud also stated they would not be taking fees, or making a commission, on any support offered. Artists get to send followers to a SoundCloud supported platform of their choosing. Naming a few supported services that will not take a cut from donations include Kickstarter, Bandcamp, PayPal and Patreon.

What is Repost by Soundcloud?

Direct support links are one of the few new resources SoundCloud has instituted to ensure creators can fund projects, pay bills, and most importantly, continue to make music. For creators looking for a way to “power their career” comes Repost by SoundCloud, an all new marketing and distribution engine. Repost by SoundCloud gives artists the ability to distribute music across platforms, utilize pre-save campaigns, claim Youtube content and even pitch tracks for playlists! All is included within Pro Unlimited or costs $30 a year with artists receiving 100% of their SoundCloud royalties and 80% of revenue from other music services.

Guiding artists to yet another source of revenue is SoundCloud’s recent partnership with Twitch. For creators who have picked up their first ever live streams using Twitch they’re unable to access Twitch’s monetization tools from the start. Now, artists can have their accounts fast-tracked to Affiliate status, allowing them to get paid for their work! Fans are able to donate directly, subscribe to channels, receive ad free viewing and root for their favorites with Bits.

There’s no telling how long SoundCloud’s direct donation button will be available. Alongside helpful tips and step by step directions to add a direct support link SoundCloud shared the following:

We’ll continue to support this feature, or a version of it, until more impactful solutions present themselves or it is no longer necessary for our most impacted creators. We’re all in this together and it’s important to everyone that creative projects continue unabated. So, use this to fund your projects, offset bills, or get whatever you need to stay on your feet.

SoundCloud’s quick response to provide guidance and support for artists in this time is commendable! Creators can find more helpful information at SoundCloud’s Keep The Music Going campaign site.

What do you think of SoundCloud’s new direct donation link? Let us know at Facebook and Twitter!

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