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STA Brings Alex M.O.R.P.H to The Underground (Exclusive Interview)

Photo by Cameron Alverado

Rainbow pandas, Ghostbusters and Princess Leia were all in attendance for STA’s (Seattle Trance Alliance) 1-year anniversary celebration at The Underground featuring German Trance legend Alex M.O.R.P.H. STA encouraged attendees to dress in costume while they danced the night away celebrating a year of success.

There were superheroes, super-villains and even a pair of Sims. The Underground, a small and intimate venue, had a true sense of community that night. Staff members were friendly and quiet charming. Patrons were warm and respectful. Not a moment went by without someone on the dance floor thanks to local supporting artists Sunriser, Digital Ascension and MarQ.

Once the night’s headliner arrived, we were lucky enough to sit down with him and have a chat. Despite encountering a hiccup during his travel to Seattle, he was in high spirits.

“Well I tried to get in yesterday night but I was stranded in Atlanta. I got here actually this afternoon, but I’ve been coming to Seattle now since, I don’t know, 8 years, 6 years. I think it’s 8 years now. I love it here, you know? It’s a nice, cool scene. I like the local DJs. I have a good relationship with MarQ. He’s a nice guy. I’m always happy to play here.”

Having just played a festival in Thailand and headed to Sydney next, we couldn’t help but wonder, is there any country or city M.O.R.P.H had yet to visit that was still on his bucket list? “Well a few but they don’t listen to music,” he admitted, “I guess they’re like for the holidays you know? Bora Bora, Fiji, stuff like those. Yeah well of course very tropical, but music wise I’ve been everywhere.”

Traveling the world as a DJ is quite the accomplishment, and nowadays, many people’s dream. Yet the lifestyle of a DJ wasn’t always perceived as it is today. Being in the industry for 20+ years now, he recalls what it was like for him in the early stages of his career.

“When I started to be a DJ, it was uncommon, it wasn’t famous. It was kind of uncool. Because I was a guy spending his money for vinyl, yeah in school they cut me out and said ‘hey this guy is weird don’t invite him over, because something is wrong with him because he’s spending all his money on the vinyl’ you know? Now in the end, the last one is always laughing about the first ones. Now I’m traveling the world, they’re sitting at home on their sofas with their wives.”

Growing up in Germany during a time when being a DJ was unpopular, M.O.R.P.H got to witness the evolution of the dance music scene. “After a while it developed everything, you know,” he describes, “The parties blew up and the waves, you know, and there was a big movement in Germany for sure and then there were parties.” Living in a scene where “every day there was a club opening somewhere,” he certainly had no shortage of music to experience. “People moved for the music,” compared to now, where there’s “kind of struggle with the club scene.”

It won’t be too long until M.O.R.P.H returns to his hometown. With the 100th episode of his radio show, Universal Nation, quickly approaching M.O.R.P.H has special show planned. Universal Nation 100 – The club Edition is set to take place on March 10th.

“Yeah well, I’m looking forward. When it’s your own baby, of course. Well we said, we don’t know. It was important for me and my team to do it in my hometown. Talla 2XLC from Germany who is a legend. My partner (Woody Van Eyden) is playing. We got Pablo Anon coming from Columbia. Also Kunert coming from Germany. I think it’s an interesting lineup. And of course I have to play because it’s my show. I should play at least a little bit longer than the other guys.”

We’re looking forward to hearing how the show goes and wish M.O.R.P.H another 100 successful episodes!

Only a few moments after wrapping up our interview, M.O.R.P.H hit the stage and the crowd erupted in joy. He delivered a 2 1/2 blissfully high energy set that left us with chills and happy memories.

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