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Photo from behind James Hype at DJ booth, wearing #9 Seahawks jersey in front of nightclub crowd.
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Supernova pulls out all the stops for James Hype (DMNW Review)

DMNW had the pleasure of attending James Hype at Supernova on Wednesday, February 8. Even for a weeknight, the club was full of energy and great vibes all around. This was Rose Entertainment’s first show produced in Seattle, as they are based out of Portland and typically book events for venues like The North Warehouse.

Supernova has steadily been building its reputation as one of Seattle’s premier nightlife destinations. Located in the SODO district just south of Monkey Loft, Supernova features a disco theme and will be hosting many upcoming shows featuring big artists such as Lee Foss, Jauz, and Whethan. You can check out their list of upcoming events here

Photo from balcony of Supernova club of DJ stage with lights and dancers on stage.

© Dance Music Northwest, Glen Sears

Opening for James Hype were Seattle locals: Gabe the Babe, Sloane Motion, and Frida K

Gabe the Babe got the night started off at 9pm with some funky tech house beats, and by 9:30pm the place was packed out! Next, Sloane Motion kept the good vibes rolling with both upbeat and chill beats. The Bellevue-based artist performed at last year’s Boo! Halloween show, and we have recently seen Sloane Motion on more and more lineups in the PNW.

Frida K was the final opener, and performed the best set we’ve experienced from the Seattle-based tech house producer. Frida K’s set was the perfect segue into James Hype, with a fresh selection of catchy basslines that got the entire club moving up and down!

But now for the main event, James Hype! As soon as James Hype entered the room and raised his hands, the room went wild, and the crowd chanted “James Hype Bitch” even before the man touched the decks to start his set. James Hype made sure to play fan favorites Ferrari, Helicopter, Disconnected, and kept one CDJ on a loop of James Hype Bitch, iconic and expected at all of his shows.

Throughout the night there were plenty of signature arm raises in the air and progressive beat build ups which led to drops filled with an influx of rhythmic basslines. It was also pretty cool to see James Hype rocking a Seahawks jersey, #9 Kenneth Walker III, which begs the question: is he a 12th man?

Supernova is one of Seattle’s most popular nightclubs

We were very impressed with how Supernova hosted this weekday show featuring an electronic dance music legend! Especially for a Wednesday night, Supernova was absolutely packed. Although there weren’t lines outside of the venue, you were hard pressed to find a good spot inside, especially on the bottom floor. Our only complaint of Supernova is that we wish it was bigger. There was ample dancing room in the back on the top floor, but with how the crowd was dancing, we were all sweating!

Supernova’s disco ball stage is always mesmerizing to look at, and we felt as if the venue stepped up the background lights and lasers to go all out for Hype Daddy. The fresh tech house beats created a fun vibe paired with the Supernova dancers on stage and the glittering lights which reflected off the many different disco balls. It felt like you had been transported into another dimension (especially when going down the mirror hallway).

For those of you who missed James Hype’s show at Supernova, fear not, as James Hype will return to Beyond Wonderland PNW at the Gorge on June 17-18, 2023! James Hype, bitch!


Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!