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Ten Truths Hatched From Dirtybird’s First “State of the Label” AMA

This week on the subreddit /r/Dirtybird, there was a special event. One redditors know as a chance to connect with some of their favorite artists, an AMA, featuring the minds behind the label! The label’s COO, Aundy Crenshaw, was present to answer any and all questions posed by eager little birds.

It wasn’t just her; Dirtybird label manager Deron Delgado, social media manager Kat Parker and Dirtybird Campout PA Vimi Sainz were helping take questions. They had a lot to say, but we won’t make you sort through it all on your own. Instead, here’s the ten biggest takeaways we found from their AMA!

1. Expect big things to come from Birdfeed

The label’s subscription service, Birdfeed, connects the label’s newest releases, ticket discounts and event deets to it’s fans. According to Aundy, there’s some big plans to expand the service into soaring new heights. A new Birdfeed is rumored to be on it’s way, so the label and it’s fan can “gel as one unit, talk to each other and bring others into the fold!”

Aundy says she’s not sure there’s finances to translate the service into an app, but reiterated that she’s very excited for what’s in store. Those that want in on beta testing may email

2. Dirtybird Campout West could see greater capacity

Aundy admits that while festival intimacy is great, it’s difficult to break even on ticket sales. The current cap of 7,000 may be broken, just a little bit, to cover the production costs of such a fantastic event.

3. DBC West will be “very similar” without Do LaB, “but with all new builds”

The exact words of Aundy Crenshaw herself. This is in reference to the decision for Dirtybird and Do LaB to end their partnership for Dirtybird Campout. A statement made by Do LaB describes their pleasure in helping grow Dirtybird Campout into what it is today.

“Creating the wild and one-of-a-kind Dirtybird Campout has been one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had the privilege to take part in and we’re very proud of the unique event we were able to build together,” said Do LaB’s CoFounder and President, Jesse Flemming. “The Dirtybird community welcomed us with open arms, so hosting their amazing fans for the last 3 years has been very special.”

4. Denver birds could see something soon

A question regarding which cities they had the most fans in, Aundy suggested they had been talking about Denver. She also mentioned they could probably fill the popular Colorado venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, when a Dirtybird BBQ was suggested. Their BBQ City Vote happens every year, and possibly this October, fans may have the chance to choose the location of their next BBQ.

5. No details on Dirtybird Campout East as of yet

A few questions poked around on details for DBC East, but Aundy was firm that they cannot talk about it yet. They’ll swiftly communicate any information as soon as they can, described as “probably late October”. The event was put in jeopardy when their permit was revoked by the county, causing gate shutdown for a few hours.

6. DBC West will not be live-streamed was to stream the last Campout, but it went down for some European viewers and was never to recover. Aundy C recommends a few live sets for those who missed it, including Claude VonStroke’s, Walker & Royce’s and more.

7. The no renegades policy for DBC is here to stay

The official Dirtybird account responded to a comment on the crackdown against late-night music and renegade camps. They explained that it just wasn’t worth the risk of being kicked out of the location, as it costs tons of money to find a new one on short notice. After both the original Oak Canyon and DBC East locations having issues with noise complaints, it’s something they’ll be very mindful of for a long time.

8. Bassnectar will not be seen at Campout anytime soon

A comment expressed concern regarding the recent Bassnectar collab in Mexico. They described vibes the Bassnectar fans allegedly bring to festivals, including camping at rails, disregard for any artist but Bassnectar, and “general wookery,” whatever that means. It was confirmed that there will be no Bassnectar at DBC, and that the collaboration was a one time thing.

9. DBC will once again have chicken & waffles!

The revered Awesome Sauce Kitchen will return to Campout, much to the delight of hungry birds. Other food vendors will include: Fresh + Jive Grill, The Middle Feast, California Grill Truck, Get Fried Rice, Bulgogi Taco Truck, Stay Cheesy, Yess B’s Curbside Diner, and Ruru’s Kitchen.

10. More vinyls can be expected soon

One fan inquired about the availability of vinyl records. Deron fielded this, telling them that they press up about eight a year. They apparently fly pretty fast, and production will be increasing to feature some on their main Dirtybird store. Vinyl fans can expect to see more records, starting with Justin Martin remixes of Set It Off.

Who will we be seeing at Dirtybird Campout this year? Which sets are you most excited to see? Share your thoughts in the comments or on social media!

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